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Only two weeks left to premiere Project Wunderwaffe: Prologue on Steam!

Just a fortnight to go.

July 20, 2022

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Author: Gameparic

The premiere of Project Wunderwaffe: Prologue will be in two weeks from now on Steam, add it to your wishlist to don't miss the premiere! Get into the realities of World War II and command a secret underground base. Your task will be to survive! The aim in the game is constant battle to gain time and force troops hostile to you to move away from your base


One of the main features of the gameplay of Project Wunderwaffe: Prologue is the constantly advancing fronts. In the prologue, we added the possibility to control workers to boost production, and the most important improvement in the prologue is the leaderboard, fight as long as possible, and you are the last hope. Base status control and management at the Command Centre or development of the technology tree at the Research Centre will help you survive the attack of enemies.

An important part of managing the whole enterprise is also the extraction of raw materials. The acquired raw materials will allow you to develop your base, acquire brand new materials, without which it will be really difficult for you to survive, and, most importantly, allow you to delay the devastating attack of enemies. When playing, dispose of resources and goods, as well as water and energy prudently.

Be on the top of the leaderboard! If you like to support us, please consider adding Project Wunderwaffe: Prologue to your Steam wishlist.

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