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No Stone Unturned

Wise Monkey Entertainment to Release Demo for Debut Detective Comedy No Stone Unturned - 8th October on Steam

October 3, 2023

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No Stone Unturned is a Choose-Your-Path Comedy Detective RPG that introduces the feature of "Choices That Don't Matter" a counter to the common 'Choices Matter' feature in CRPGs. No Stone Unturned allows players to force their detective into completely wrong lines of questioning or thought, and it will still, hopefully, somehow end up in the case being solved, with the player's odd choices pathing the way! 

You play as Detective Cox, an anthropomorphic amnesiac squirrel who is set on becoming the greatest detective in the world. But without any guide or mentor for real detective work, this squirrel makes it up as he goes, taking players along with him on the ride!

Search for Clues as Crimes are committed in the town of Orchard Under Hill by one of over 20 different core characters, with plenty of guest stars who only appear for certain cases. With over 50 cases to solve in the final game (Not including the main storyline cases!), players will lose themselves in the rich lore of this world.

NSU has an incredibly detailed and fully thought-through underlying plot that has enough secrets packed inside for even more stories than this game can hold!

In Wise Monkey Entertainment's Demo Release on the 8th of October you will be able to get a 15-20 min 'first look' at the game's planned comedic style and gameplay pace as you embark on your first case, A Murder Most Fowl... Why did the chicken cross the road? It's your job to find out.

Future updates to the demo promise NPCs with their own cases for you to begin solving and the introduction to the town of Orchard Under Hill as well as over 20 mins of additional free demo content added to the current demo.

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