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Next-Gen Fantasy RPG Watcher of Realms Launches An Amazing New Gameplay: Guild War

Next-gen fantasy RPG shows off 'guild war' gameplay footage.

October 23, 2023

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October 23rd, 2023 - Watcher of Realms, developed by Moonton, has announced that a new gameplay Guild War launches on October 23rd. In the new gameplay Guild War, commanders will enjoy the new tower-defense feature! Let's take a look into Guild War details.
Watcher of Realms is a next-gen fantasy RPG with a big focus on collecting and developing heroes. There are over 100 unique heroes from 8 different factions to collect, and each hero has unique talents and skills that help players a lot in the game. In Watcher of Realms, players will become commanders in the mystical continent Tya. As a commander, you need to explore the myths in continent Tya and save this chaotic land engulfed in madness.
Guild War - Intro
Once commanders clear Campaign H5-14 and join a Guild which reaches Level 4, commanders will be eligible to participate in the Guild War. The Guild War is divided into different seasons, each lasting two weeks, and there are three different phases in each season: the Preparation Phase, the Battle Phase, and the Ranking Calculation Phase. The Preparation Phase is in the first week, and the Battle Phase and the Ranking Calculation Phase are in the second week.
Remember! Commanders need to set up two garrisoned teams and deploying them to the guild for completing the registration. A Guild needs five members deploying their teams at least to join the Guild War. So make sure that your Guild has at least five members completing the registration!
Battle Phase - Intro
In the Battle Phase, commanders will undergo three rounds of matchmaking, taking place every two days. In each round, commanders will face a different Guild. Commanders completing registration will receive a certain number of Guild War Command Swords, which represent commanders' available attack attempts. For each destroyed Soul Core of the garrisoned team, the team and the fortification it guards will lose HP. After destroying rival Guilds' strongholds, Commanders can attack the enemy Guild's Fortress. Destroying the enemy's Guild's Fortress will earn significant points. The points will decide Guilds Ranking. Guilds with higher ranking will receive greater rewards at the end of the season.
Demon Soldiers - Intro & Source
In Guild War, garrisoned teams are formed by heroes as usual, but the offense teams are formed using Demon Soldiers, a kind of units exclusive to the Guild War. There are four rarities of Demon Soldiers: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Demon Captain. There are also some specific Classes of Demon Soldiers, each with unique advantages. Instead of trying so hard to fend off monsters, now commanders need to do their best to defeat opponents with Demon Soldiers.
Watcher of Realms is a Next-Gen Fantasy RPG. Want to explore the fantastic world of Tya and meet hundreds of unique heroes? Download Watcher of Realms now For Free!
Download Link: Google Play | Apple
For more information and updates about Watcher of Realms, visit the game's official website
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Watcher of Realms supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, and Russian. We understand that RPGs are always more immersive to players in their native languages, so we are working hard on adding more languages to the game.


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