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New Challenges Approach! Join Operation Dawnseeker for Arknights Contingency Contract Season #8

'Operation Dawnseeker' contingency contract event will focus on "special environmental effects."

August 30, 2022

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Yostar | August 30, 2022 - Shanghai, China - Strategic mobile RPG, Arknights, continues the new season of the Contingency Contract event, “Dawnseeker”. This time Doctors need to deal with the visibility problem brought about by the special environmental effects. This eighth event brings Asbestos a new outfit and a previous outfit for Cardigan rerun in the Contingency Contract store. Additionally, new furniture “Dawnseeker Pennant” is available.

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About Dawnseeker
Dawnseeker begins on August 30, 2022, and will run up to September 13, 2022. The permanent site is Kazimierz Grand Knight Territory Bar District in which Doctors will face invisible enemies. Doctors’ units can’t be placed within the range of invisibility and the enemy units will be a major threat as they cannot be targeted. Meanwhile, Doctors will fight against The Candle Knight Viviana, Nightzmora Follower and “The Last Kheshing”, Tola, etc, using the Knight Trophy to cope with the visibility problem and defeat enemies. Doctors should carefully choose the different groups of operators and use special strategies in this contingency.

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Event Rewards
On the rewards side of things, Doctors can redeem Glen Sonata for free in the Contingency Contract store, which is the new outfit for Asbestos. Moreover, Doctors can gain the event furniture “Dawnseeker Pennant” through participating in this event. Doctors can also expect to get the Operation Dawnseeker Engraved Medal Set and gather other resources, including Epic Specialist & Supporter Token, Polymerization Preparation, Module Data Block, Optimized Device, LMD, Tactical Battle Record, and Furniture Part. An outfit rerun for Cardigan “Cheerful Guardian” is available in the store as well.

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About Yostar Games
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