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Mythological survival horror game  Code Alkonost  Showcase video - reveals a glimpse at the Sanity Effect

Code Alkonost Showcase video gave us a new look at the upcoming horror game and shared that a demo is on the way
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Belgrade, Serbia – August 5, 2022 – Remote Human is excited to relevel new details for the upcoming single-player adventure survival-horror game Code Alkonost. The showcase presentation revealed details from the early stages of the development and includes game story details, game mechanics, game environments, concept art, a sample of the game soundtrack, and many more. Fans of horror games should prepare for a breathtaking experience because a free PC demo will be available as part of Steam Next Fest in October. However, this is not the first chance to get your hands on the game’s unreal Sanity Effect feature and take on the terrifying monstrosities that await inside the depths of the Slavic underworld because the game is available to playtest for free during Early Access via Discord server.

Here are a few details from the Code Alkonost showcase presentation:

  • The main protagonist of Code Alkonost is a young Slavic girl who discovers her abilities and life purpose during her journey into the underworld. The game protagonist has no weapons or way to fight back. During her progress, she will reach that point of maturity where her body is abruptly changing and she will develop the confidence to make her own decisions, and resist attempts by unwanted creatures to take her soul and control over her own body.
  • Immerse yourself inside dynamic and atmospheric environments, and learn how to use witchcraft to protect yourself from enemies. Learn about game characters and solve puzzles to progress further.
  • Code Alkonost features unique content from an ethnographic museum and famous locations never seen in any game before. Scanned face models and voiceovers of real word actors that will provide a breathtaking cinematic experience developed using novel state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Professional performers will provide voice-overs for video game creatures and create the feeling that someone is watching you.
  • The Sanity Effect can impact the game's overall audiovisual experience by adding tension and fear inside the game environment. For an immersive experience and psychological effects, we use Unreal Engine 5.
  • Playtester statement: Code Alkonost is an amazing experience, I wasn't aware that I am playing an indie video game, the unique gameplay and sanity effect is breathtaking and unpredictable, this product has many innovative features for horror gamers. 

For more details check the showcase video presentation:  and provide a feedback via super quick survey:

Code Alkonost is available to Wishlist now on Steam. For more information, visit, follow the title on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube, support developers on Patreon and Ko-Fi, and join the community on Discord. Players can look forward to a fully fleshed-out Code Alkonost experience when the first chapter of the game launches during Q1 2023.
About Remote Human Studio:

Remote Human is specialized in advanced technologies, photogrammetry and computer simulations. The team consists of experienced creative members that will cover all aspects of product development. As passionate gamers and fans of classic survival horror video games, they are developing Code Alkonost, their most anticipated project to date.

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Review copies are available for qualified journalists and influencers. Requests can be sent to [email protected]

Media Contact
Aleksandar Jovanović
Project manager for Code Alkonost
[email protected]

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