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🎮 | Miniland new Pixel Art game on Steam


August 16, 2022

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Gameparic | Miniland allows you to create your own world, exactly what you want and do everything you want in it! You start with a small patch of land, that with time you can expand by yourself with biome tiles which you receive every day.

In the game everyday you receive a bunch of biome tiles, that you can place wherever you want. There are multiple biomes in the game, including different forests, deserts, grassland, snow land, savanna, highland and more.

During the game you will have to collect resources, craft new tools, mine, farm, build new places and decorate them! Unfortunately, your world is not safe... The darkness brings monsters. Will you be able to battle them, or you will just fight for your life? 

Gameparic became the publisher of Miniland and Imilkowski Dev is the developer of the game, they joined forces to create the next pixel art game after Daomei Village.

The demo version of Miniland will be available soon, stay up to date with all the information and add Miniland to your Steam wishlist.

Miniland on Steam (steampowered.com)


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