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MediBang announces the Western release of Filthy Us: Complete Edition

Western release of horror adventure announced.

October 26, 2023

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MediBang |

FOR RELEASE ON October 26th at 11 AM PST

Filthy Us: Complete Edition is an original horror adventure game with a dark story and puzzle elements. The game not only contains a large number of Buddhist and oriental elements, but also the horrifying customs of the people who used to live in that world.

The game starts off with a mysterious murderer fiercely clenching a broken piece of a broken Buddha statue. This strong resentment attracted the attention of "The Nothingness". As you dive deeper into the filth and story, you’ll discover a peculiar arson murder case of an entire family that took place a decade ago. Was this a natural disaster? What lurks behind this mysterious Buddha statue? In this filthy land of grievances, there are unknown secrets buried beneath.

The game comes from Game Logic Studio, located in the culturally rich area of Shaanxi, China. Many people might know this area for the starting point of the Silk Road, or the famous unearthed Terracotta Army.

Originally known simply as “Filthy Us”, The Complete Edition features all game and story updates, including new graphics and the addition of English language support. Due to complications with publishing rights, the Complete Edition will not be available on Steam.

MediBang Games will be handling the publication of the game on non-Steam PC storefronts. The release date will be on October 30th, and players can buy or wishlist the game on GOG at that time. Just in time for Halloween!

For further updates on Filthy Us: Complete Edition, keep up-to-date by following MediBang Games’ on Twitter. MediBang Games is an indie publisher that also offers translation and distribution of games. Other games published by MediBang Games can be found on various storefronts like GOG, itch.io, and Steam.

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