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October 23, 2023

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LightBear |

Brooklyn, New York – Oct. 20, 2023 –LightBear Software Inc. is inviting players to join the LightBear universe free of charge! Limited to the first 200 people who request on our discord server. https://discord.gg/QMxkVjDmC7

Enter the World of LightBear
LightBear is a fresh take on the Rogue Like genre. You take control of a fat bear that is trying to escape a golden honey comb like object called the Golden Apiary.  As the bear gets further from his starting point he will lose his sight and needs to collect Light Spheres a long the way in order to progress further.

The game mechanics are simple but at the same time the ability to use those mechanics to get further is what is most challenging about this game. Rogue Likes in general are not easy, and this is no exception. Much practice is needed to reach the end.

LightBear History

LightBear started in 2008 as a simple idea and simple prototype that featured small rooms, very basic graphics, a map system, and the basic mechanic of the game of losing your sight the further you traveled from the center. This was offset by collecting lightbulbs.

Following some difficult experiences by the main programmer Brian Wilmeth, the prototype was lost and forgotten about. In 2017 it was re-programmed. The goal was to make the game worthy of a Nintendo Switch. Brian decided to learn art in blender and pyxel edit and finally released the game on Steam and the Epic store in early October of 2023.

Why you should play it
Experience enjoyment of the fresh art style of bright colors and quirky characters. Challenge yourself by beating your previous record. Learn patience as you navigate a maze that will reward the calm and composed. Improve your cognition by finding the way forward. Enjoy the wonderful selection of high quality music tracks that accompany your adventure. Fun for both kids and adults.

About LightBear Software Inc.
A new company formed in 2023 to prepare for the release of LightBear. The owner previously worked on children's educational apps for Preschool University. LightBear Software Inc. now focuses on both educational apps and LightBear promotion and updates.

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