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Legends of Runeterra: Worldwalker

New Expansion - Worldwalker
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

We’ve prepared something very special - Legends of Runeterra’s new expansion, Worldwalker, introduces four(!) new champions, including our first Runeterran champions, new keywords, over 65 collectible cards, and the release of The Path of Champions 2.0.


Learn more about everything coming in the expansion in the details below, and get ready to walk a new path in Worldwalker, playable at approximately 11AM PT on May 25!

The Path of Champions 2.0


[TPOC Re-Explained YouTube Embed]


Worldwalker brings a major update to The Path of Champions. A massively-expanded relaunch of the popular PvE mode introduced last November, The Path of Champions 2.0 gives players the power to explore Runeterra like never before:

  • New Regions - Noxus & Demacia, as well as Piltover & Zaun, Ionia, and Bilgewater

  • New Permanent Progression Systems:

    • Legend Levels that power up your whole champion roster

    • Champion Star Levels that grant your champions unique abilities and unlock new legs of their personal adventures

    • Revamped & expanded Champion Levels to power up your favorite champs to extraordinary new heights

  • Unique Champion Adventures

  • World Adventures to test your power & skill with any of your champions


There’s so much to discover in The Path of Champions 2.0 - be sure to check out The Path of Champions Re-Explained video above for more information!


New Cards


Over the past week, we’ve been revealing all of the cards being added in Worldwalker. Head to one of the galleries below to get the full list of new cards and start building your day 1 decks!


New Mechanics & Keywords:

  • Runeterran Champions & Origins:

    • Worldwalker introduces Runeterran champions - champions that don’t belong to any region. Adding a Runeterran champion to your deck acts as one of your regions, and each Runeterran champion has a unique deckbuilding rule, or Origin, that defines which cards can be played alongside them, unlocking never-before-seen deckbuilding possibilities!

  • Spawn:

    • From the depths of the sea, Spawn grows powerful tentacles and increases their power to incredible heights to smash the competition!

  • Boons:

    • A new take on traps, Boons are effects that attach to cards in your deck, which activate when drawn. Bard & friends leave our first Boon, Chimes, in your deck, which buff cards in hand when drawn.


Four New Champions

  • Jhin

    • Jhin is LoR’s first-ever Runeterran champion - his Origin, The Virtuoso, allows players to add any card with Skills into the deck.

  • Annie

    • Annie brings her destructive prowess to LoR, disintegrating enemies with Tibbers by her side!

  • Bard

    • Worldwalker’s second Runeterran champion, Bard and his musical allies plant piles of Chimes in your deck to grant a huge boon in stats to the cards in your hand!

  • Illaoi

    • Aided by The Mother Serpent, Nagakabouros, Illaoi summons & powers up devastating tentacles to smash the enemy Nexus.


Pulsefire Event

  • Will you preserve the flow of linear time, or deviate beyond its boundaries? Choose your future now. The Pulsefire Event launches with patch 3.8.0 and comes with a ton of high-tech new emotes, guardians, card backs, and so much more, with the ultimate reward of an exclusive Pulsefire Akshan skin!




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