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Demo on Steam right now.

October 9, 2023

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Torrezno Entertainment | For the first and only time, Legends of Castile will be on Steam Next Fest, which starts today, with an updated and exclusive demo that contains the following improvements over the already released demo in July:

  • Dialogues voice over

  • French language revision

  • UI improvements

  • Bug fixing

Dialogues voice over

We are very pleased to announce that the demo has now voice over in English and Spanish in dialogues and monologues of the demo, which is a great achievement for such a small indie project like this, and we want to thank every single actor and actress that has forms part in the cast, for their great interpretation and kindness.

Legends of castile demo cast is formed by:

English language cast:

- Maya Murphy as María de Salazar

- Andy Mack as Manolo (ojaranco)

- Katie Aitken as Juana the witch

- Duffy Weber as the Lil Enemies

- Andy Mack as narrator

Spanish language cast:

- Ana Dramas como María de Salazar

- Sergi Carles (TodoJingles) como Manolo (ojaranco)

- Lulu McDonald como 'la bruja Juana'

- Kunda da Silva como "los enemiguillos"

- Sergi Carles (TodoJingles) como narrador

French language revision

A revision of French texts has been done by DMT Rétro Gaming.

UI improvements

Several improvements have been performed to the UI of the game. One of them is that in the inventory, now players will be able to look at the objects with only left click, as a look icon appears when hovering each item. The intention of this is that the user is more aware that they can (It is important for puzzles) look at the objects at the inventory screen, and being consistent with a one button interface.

Other minor UI improvements have been done in the menu of the game, like context aware popups.

Bug fixing

Several bugs that the community has found in the previous demo have been corrected. If players found any, or want to be more informed about the game, they can join our Discord server.

Legends of Castile Discord

The important part

Steam Next Fest is about playing demos and wish list games. We invite all the players to play the updated demo and wishlist the game.

They can play the updated Demo on Steam !

Let's play! On October 11th and 13th at 20:00 CEST, there will be a stream of the developer of Legends of Castile playing the exclusive demo of the game for the Steam Next Fest and doing Q&A about the game!

Players can send their questions to the game social media with the hashtag #AskMeAboutLegendsOfCastile :  Twitter.

The demo is translated in English, Spanish and French languages, and it’s available on Windows, MAC OS and Linux platforms.

What is Legends of Castile game about? Legends of Castile is a point and click adventure game featuring an original fantasy/comedy story placed in Spain in the region called Castile, set in the 19th century, where a series of traditional legends about folk creatures take place. In the game, you will be able to advance in the story by solving integrated riddles/puzzles, meeting all kind of characters, defeating mythological folk creatures with your wit and exploring places all around Castile. Who is the protagonist of this story? Our main character is María, a young, fearless, though clumsy Castilian girl, who some days ago, just after a long night with her friends saw a vision of the Virgin Mary (or that's what she thought), and now, all of a sudden she wants to become a nun. Therefore, she went to a convent in Burgos and requested to be ordered as a nun. However, it is not so simple, for being able to become a nun, her future mother superior assigns her a mission. She has to investigate the traditional mythological creatures of Castile, and collect an item from each of the creatures, in order to prove their existence so the abbot take action against them and finish with their threat to the population of Castile.. and Christianity. More information at www.legendsofcastile.com Join the conversation Legends of Castile Discord Twitter Instagram Facebook Mastodon

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