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Japanese popular indie visual novel "ANGEL WHISPER" is getting a remake after 24 years and is set to release on September 28th!

Indie visual novel gets a remake, only took 24 years.

October 25, 2023

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Child-Dream |

It is now available in Nintendo Europe with a special launch promotion of 34off.

"ANGEL WHISPER - The Suspense Visual Novel Left Behind by a Game Creator."

[Nintendo Shop]

$9.99 / $6.99 (sale)
8.99 Euro/ 5.93 Euro(sale)


[Screen Shot]

"This is the last work of a certain game creator who mysteriously disappeared."
The cross reality ADV, known for its shocking conclusion, is coming back after 24 years.

"ANGEL WHISPER", released by Child-Dream in 1999, became a major topic of conversation with its system of playing the posthumous game while browsing actual websites, raising the question, "Did this really happen?". Its conclusion, seemingly predicting the modern era of 2023, led to mixed opinions and, along with the psychological horror "Scars of the Doll", it became a pioneering presence in indie Visual Novel.

[Video Letter from Mirai] (Voice Actor: Ai Shimizu)
This is more than just a video game trailer; it's a personal plea to you.
Due to circumstances, I am making this request alongside the release of the game.
Would you play this video game until the very end?
In 1999, my father, game designer Hiroaki Yushima, abruptly vanished from our lives, leaving behind a single video game.
"ANGEL WHISPER"... this is that video game.

Please, I need your help.
Will you uncover the truth... on my behalf?

[Remake for Nintendo Switch]
・Completely refreshed graphics, including characters and stills.
・Added an epilogue and hints for 2023. Designed for anyone to play to the end.
・Music provided from "epitaph" by composer H.Oshima. Also, remastered the original's popular BGM.
・Added a fortune-telling system by the original's popular character, the fortune-teller Laisa.

[From the Creator]
This game, in 2023, was refined at the request of my friend's daughter, Mise Yushima.

The truth behind the disappearance of the original creator, Hiroaki Yushima, remains unclear to this day. No suicide note or clues were left behind, only this game, "ANGEL WHISPER."
The creators cannot be held responsible for any events that may occur as a result of playing this video game.

"Why did he leave behind this game and disappear?"

Game creator Yushima suddenly vanished from this world, and the only thing left behind was a single game, "ANGEL WHISPER."

The content depicted in the posthumous work was an event Yushima experienced in 1998. He joined a certain game company and began producing a game based on Nostradamus's prophecy of the end of the world. However, in the midst of production, a mysterious incident occurred, and he lost his colleagues.

Within the game, the protagonist Yushima, while advancing development at the game company, chases after the mystery of the incident. Soon, Yushima confronts an inexplicable entity.

What was Yushima pursuing, and what kind of incident did he get entangled in? Why did he leave behind this work? Play until the end, and discover his final intentions.

[Child-Dream / Mister Stories Inc.]
Since 1997, they have been producing PC games focusing on RPGs and adventure games with a strong emphasis on narrative. Following their success, they became a corporation. Both of their adventure games for the Nintendo Switch received rave reviews, with many praising their poignant dramas.
"Scar of the Doll: A Psycho-Horror Story about the Mystery of an Older Sister"
"Senri no Kifu": Japanese Chess Mystery Visual Novel

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