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Our next cartridge collections are HERE!

August 1, 2022

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Evercade |

14 more arcade games from popular developers Jaleco and Evercade favourites Gaelco are now available from your local Evercade retailers!.

Jaleco Arcade 1 is the first arcade collection on Evercade from the Japanese developer and brings an incredible range of titles. Platformers, shooters, beat 'em ups are all present here and cross everything from cute to cult and history to science fiction.

Gaelco Arcade 2 brings more great games from the cult Spanish arcade developer. The first collection has become a fan favourite on Evercade and we've bought another 6 hidden gems from arcade whispers to the home.

Click the button below to find your closest retailers and check out the full games lists!


Jaleco Aracde 1 includes:

  • Rod Land

  • The Astyanax

  • Saint Dragon

  • 64th Street: A Detective Story

  • E.D.F Earth Defense Force

  • Avenging Spirit

  • CyBattler

  • P-47: The Phantom Fighter

  Gaelco Arcade 2 includes:

  • Big Karnak

  • Maniac Square

  • Squash

  • TH Strikes Back: Thunder Hoop 2

  • Touch and Go

  • World Rally 2

New Pre-Order bundles available!

As the new carts release, the next ones are not far away!

The next two cartridge collections are due for release this October. Including our first home computer collection and a brand new dual cartridge featuring two modern retro-inspired indie games!

We're bringing you THEC64 Collection 1, with 14 classic games from the iconic home computer of the 1980s and the collection of Alwa's Awakening 8-Bit Edition and Cathedral.

These new collections are avilable from all Evercade retailers, but is also available as a limited stock bundle from retailer Funstock which includes a set of brand new Evercade pin-badges (also available seperately)!

These new collections will be available in October 2022 and are available to pre-order from RIGHT NOW! Click the button to find out more!


Evercade EXP Limited Edition - Sign up for the waiting list!

The Evercade EXP Limited Edition went on sale in June and very quickly sold out of the 5000 units were made available.

This has led to many people asking if there will be any more stock in future or if there will be any stock released from pre-order.

Previously, Funstock did release stock that had become avialable do to changes of orders on a first come, first served basis. But due to the amount of interest in the Evercade EXP Limited Edition, a waiting list has now been created so that if stock does become available, you will be the first to know.

Simply click the link below and submit your email to register your interest in any more new about the Evercade EXP Limited Edition.

For everyone else waiting for the pre-order to open for the standard edition, we'll see you in September.


Game of the Month - Final week of Cowlitz Gamers Adventures!

Game of the month is almost over for July and we've seen so many of you enjoy this trilogy of games in this months offering!

The Cowlitz Gamers Adventures features all three of the Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Expo titles. The show, created by Youtube personalities raised over $100,000 for children's charities over its lifespan!

Starting from 2016's The Cowlitz Gamer's Adventure, you control the younger version of Justice as he goes hunting for gold. You will also have the ability to play the sequel's the Second Adventure from 2017 and Lost Adventure. All in one collection.


We change it up again in August, which means there's only a few days left for you to update your Evercade VS and play these games.

Don't worry if you miss out. All the Game of the Month games will get a physical release in November 2022 on Indie Heroes Collection 2!


If you haven't heard, Game of the Month is a new feature exclusive to the Evercade VS. A free indie game that changes every month! To play the game, you simply need to download the new update (2.1.4) for the Evercade VS and you'll be able to jump right in!

If you don't have access to an Evercade VS or the updates, you'll be pleased to hear that all Game of the Month games will be released as a phsyical collection later this year as Indie Heroes Collection 2!

This month's update also brings an update to Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 including the full version of Roniu's Tale which has now been completed by the developer!


To find out more about The Cowlitz Gamer's Adventure, you can read the below blog post!


Evercade Collections 25 & 26 OUT NOW!

Our newest collections, Morphcat Games Collection 1 and Intellivision Collection 2 are NOW AVAILABLE for you to buy! 

Morphcat Games Collection 1 brings 5 titles from the German retro developer and publisher. 3 great full games including the incredibly popular Micro Mages - an awesome 4 player 8-bit game that will get your multiplayer itch scratched. The collection also includes some great early works from Morphcat Games platformers like Super Bat Puncher Demo and the first release of extra levels in Micro Mages Second Quest!

Intellivision Collection 2 brings 12 more games from the classic home console to Evercade. Featuring RPG greats like Cloudy Monutain and Tower of Doom, alongside technical marvels such as Hover Force and Vectron. There's single player and multiplayer games for all to enjoy.

Check out the link below to find your local Evercade cartridge retailer and order your copies today!


Evercade Cartridge Discounts At GAME.co.uk!

There are more discounts heading your way this month for UK customers! 


GAME.co.uk are offering 2 Evercade Cartridges for £30. That's a £5 saving on buying them individually, and it's available on ALL Evercade collections in stock.


That means you can get any combination of console or arcade carts, including the newest cartridges at a discount. So if you fancy picking up Renovation Collection 1 and Oliver Twins, or Namco Collection 1 & 2 - YOU CAN!

The offer runs on GAME.co.uk until August 4th so make sure you take advantage while you can and build your collection.

Click the link below to visit GAME.co.uk and see what you can get.

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