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In August 2019 ÁRIDA: Backland's Awakening was released on Steam.

Celebrating third birthday with updates, a 75% discount, and news of a sequel.
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To celebrate, we at Aoca started a period of promotions on all platforms last Monday

People can purchase the game and experience this unique adventure on Steam, Nuuvem, Humble Store, Microsoft Store, Green Man Gaming, and even on Google Play, where the mobile version was released last June. With this version, ÁRIDA found new audiences in different parts of the world, attracting the attention of people who had not been reached by the original version for computers until then.

Discounts last until August 22nd and reach up to 75%, which means you can get to know the first part of Cícera's story for less than U$2.00!

The Aoca team is now working on the development of ÁRIDA for the iOS system (App Store), which will be launched in the second half of the year. As well as the console versions, which will be available shortly thereafter, completing the company's cross-platform expansion plan.

ÁRIDA II, which will also be cross-platform, is scheduled to launch in late 2023.

It's just the beginning of the series of games that takes place in the Brazilian backlands of the 19th century, so this anniversary promotion also celebrates Aoca's internationalization and maturity!

And there's a party inside the game too! Dona Firmina, one of the characters most loved by players, even made a cake for our protagonist Cícera!  
Below we present a list of the latest updates for the mobile version:

  • Added the "Achievements" button on the main screen
  • Added Cloud Save functionality
  • Minor bug fixes
Thanks for your attention and have a great day!


AOCA GAME LAB: brazilian company created in 2016 to develop intellectual properties that begin on games and focus on fictional universes that relate to history, culture and diversity.  

PRESSKIT - ARIDA : Backland's Awakening
MEDIA MATERIALScreenshots, Scenarios e Trailer
STORES: Steam, Microsoft StoreHumble Store, Nuuvem, Green Man Gaming, Google Play
COMPANY: Aoca Game Lab
PUBLISHER: Aoca Game Lab
GENRE: Adventure / Survival
PLAYERS: 1 (Single-Player) 

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