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Eek! Games has announced their first ever seasonal DLC: a House Party Halloween Holiday Pack that will fill Madison’s party with spine-chilling decorations and dress the party guests in ghastly new accessories!

December 22, 2022

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Eek! Games |

Embargo Until: December 21, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST
Los Angeles, CA. (December 21, 2022) - Eek! Games, developers of the edgy and satirical comedy-adventure video game House Party, have been rapidly releasing seasonal content since  the game exited Early Access in Summer and the Doja Cat Expansion Pack (an expansion pack featuring the real-life Grammy and AMA award-winning pop music superstar Doja Cat) launched in Fall of this year.
Originally a limited-time update, the 2022 Halloween Event is being made available permanently to players due to popular demand on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and, eventually, other select platforms. After an overwhelmingly positive response, the 2022 Halloween Event will be an optional free "House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack" DLC available for all players - and it will be equipped with additional features, such as an in-game on/off toggle for the holiday content.
The House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack will revamp the appearance and ambience of the party, featuring unique eerie seasonal decorations, such as:

  • Pumpkins

  • Spooky Ghosts

  • A Cheap Skeleton

  • Lots Of Spiderwebs

  • One Giant Furry Spider

  • And Many More Decorations To Come!

The DLC will also feature a chilling succubus/incubus outfit (wearable on all “Halloween-minded” cast members of House Party’s Original Story), consisting of accessories such as:

  • Scary Horns

  • Creepy Bat Wings

  • And A Sultry, Spiky Tail!

In addition to the listed decorations and universal costume, Eek! Games states plans to continue updating the House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack with additional content. A public survey was released across Steam, Patreon, and the Eek! Games social media accounts to collect feedback from players to refine this future content for additional holiday DLCs.
Eek! Games has announced that new players can expect additional holidays to be added in 2024, and for the Halloween and upcoming Winter DLC to be expanded utilizing player feedback in 2023.
Bobby Ricci, founder and CEO of Eek! Games, says, "When I created House Party, I always envisioned the party experience changing over time.  That's why I based it around a dynamic engine that lets players change the party narrative with every action they take. We've invited new guests to the party and dropped new items, but we heard people wanted more choice with clothing and decorations, which was something I've always wanted to expand upon ever since we did A Vickie Vixen Valentine.”
Bobby says, “So, we added Halloween content, and it was immediately clear everyone enjoys coming back to party in new and exciting ways, which is why we're making it permanent with these new DLC options. For free. We'll always be expanding and growing the party, but at some point you gotta grow the ‘house’ itself. The scope of stuff we're working on for the future of House Party - and, even more so, for Office Party, is gonna be wild!"
The House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack is the first in a collection of future House Party holiday DLCs. The House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack will be available as a free download for all players. The House Party - Winter Holiday Pack DLC that may also release within the coming months.
Wishlist the House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack:
House Party is an edgy comedy adventure game inspired by classic comedies of the '90s. The choices players make, the actions they take, and each conversation they have affects their story, and every NPC at the party has secrets to explore…
House Party's story takes place during one wild night at a friend’s house. Fifteen personality-packed characters and a growing list of self-voiced celebrity guests (including pop superstar Doja Cat, famous comedians the Game Grumps, and online influencer LetyDoesStuff) bring life to thousands of branching storylines, providing endless opportunities for exploration and debauchery!
Learn more: https://housepartygame.com/
Twitter: @houseparty_game
Instagram: @houseparty_game
Facebook: @eekhouseparty
TikTok: @housepartygame
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/eekgames
Eek! Games is an award-winning game development studio founded by musician, comedian, and developer Bobby Ricci. Ricci built a next-generation proprietary game engine with an innovative AI character system capable of creating the most immersive choice-driven game experience in the world.
Although he had ideas to sell the engine as an asset, he opted to use it for House Party. What began as a one-man passion project has grown into a tight-knit team with a devoted fan following. House Party has sold over 1,100,000 copies since its June 2017 release and continues to expand with future DLC and its sequel, Office Party, on the way.  Learn more: https://games.eekllc.com/
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