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July 27, 2022

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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

Author: Super Planet

 - The ‘Guild Update’ will add the fun of cooperation to the existing single-player method

- First large-scale update since reaching 1 million downloads in June

A Guild System will now be available in the mobile Action RPG 'Dungeon of the Gods'!

‘Dungeon of Gods’ is a one-handed mobile action game which has caught the attention of users from all over the world thanks to its rogue-like dungeons, incredible action and fun character growth.

‘Guild Dungeon’ is what users are looking forward to the most in this update due to its slightly special way of proceeding. The dungeon will consist of various stages, and only one guild member can enter each stage. We have come today with some tips to help the players attack as many stages as possible!

▶ Be careful: The enemies keep on getting stronger!
The player will have to choose their stage carefully!! The numbers from 25 to 400 written in the Guild Dungeon are the ‘starting levels’. As you progress through the stages, increasingly stronger enemies will appear, and at the end, a boss equal to twice the starting level will appear. The stronger stages the players clear, the better the rewards will be!

▶ Share your strategy with your Guild members!
One of the keys to successfully clear the Guild Dungeon is to distribute the stages according to the combat power of each member! Each player will be able to enter only twice per week!

By using the Guild Chat function, our players will be able to communicate in real time to strategize with their members.

In the Guild Dungeon, the players can acquire 5 to 10 times more gold than in normal dungeons. The more dungeons they clear, the more gems and materials they can acquire. This new content will thus be of a huge help for character growth!

To celebrate the 2nd update of Dungeon of Gods, several events with amazing rewards will be held: A Guild Screenshot Event will reward the participants with Equipment Tickets and gems. There is also an ongoing event to share tips on reinforcing relics that we believe will be very useful to the players. More details can be found on Dungeon of Gods’ Official Community! (https://discord.gg/Y6j2JRQ6ZB).

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