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New Trailer Showcases the Port Map’s Key Areas of Conflict and Loot Extraction Points in High Stakes Map Update for Hardcore Tactical Shooter

October 9, 2023

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MoreFun Studios Group | Global game developer MoreFun Studios has announced that the Season 2 Battle For The Port update for Arena Breakout will launch on October 27 for Android and iOS mobile devices. The Battle For The Port update will include the Storm Warning Mode, new boss battles, more diverse weapons including revolvers, and the debut of the Port map. The new Arena Breakout gameplay trailer, ‘New Map: Explore The Port’ highlights many of the high value and dangerous areas in the biggest map update for the game to date.


From the high rooftops of the Abandoned Buildings, the alleys and underground passageways of the Port Authority area, and ruined streetcars and vehicles that create a maze along Guoyapos Avenue, the new massive Port map for Arena Breakout delivers intense urban warfare on a scale never seen before in a mobile game. Once a bustling city of high commerce and entertainment, the Port area of Guoyapos Bay City has become a hostile battleground in the Kamona civil conflict due to its strategic naval location and valuable commercial and luxury goods to loot. Operatives will need to be on high-alert, not only from ambushes from other players that can happen at different elevations and around every city corner, but also from the highly-trained, private navy forces commanded by the ruthless Captain Derwin.

The Battle For the Port update will also add more diverse weapons including three new assault rifles (AN94, AEK and ACE31), the DP12 shotgun and the lethal M300 revolver, all fully customizable through Arena Breakout’s Ultimate Gunsmith System. Make sure to load up with the proper weapons and gear as the Season 2 update will also introduce the new Storm Warning mode. Intense rainstorms and foggy weather will obscure your vision and confuse audio pickup, elevating the extraction risks in this new challenging mode for Arena Breakout.

Arena Breakout’s Season 2 Battle For The Port update will be available on iOS and Android devices on October 27. Follow the game’s social channels and visit its official website for new updates and more information.

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