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First-Person Collectathon “Castillo: The Nine Circles” Releases on Steam tomorrow

"Collectathon" now out on Steam.

October 16, 2023

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Jackson Clayton |

"Castillo: The Nine Circles," a first-person collectathon developed by Jackson Clayton, is set to release on Steam on October 16th following its appearance at the Steam Next Fest.

This game combines elements of a collectathon with the nostalgic feel of 90s first-person shooters, immersing players in a “Dante's Inferno”-inspired Hell. Within the nine levels of the game, players must complete challenges to obtain 10 hidden magical shards and explore to find numerous other collectibles. Each world in the game contains 150 money bags, 10 shards, and an abundance of paradox energy. To acquire shards, players will need to purchase and utilize new movement abilities, confront challenging bosses, complete minigames, tackle combat gauntlets, and search for hidden areas within the map. Money and paradox energy can be spent to unlock new abilities or reveal additional areas on the map. Collected shards are crucial for progressing through the circles of Hell. Drawing inspiration from classic 90s collectathon games like Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64, the game is filled with secret worlds and hidden weapons waiting to be discovered.

In "Castillo: The Nine Circles," you assume the role of Dracula, who finds himself trapped in Hell after the events of the previous game. Hell has undergone a bizarre transformation, resembling an amusement park with roller coasters, ferris wheels, bumper cars, and carousels scattered throughout as it tears apart due to a paradox.

Players will engage in battles against a diverse array of enemies, from walking trees in Heresy to ghost pirates in Wrath, and walking forks in Gluttony. Each world within the game offers a unique and varied experience, complete with its own set of objectives, setpieces, and mechanics. Notably, the game boasts a dynamic music system that adjusts the soundtrack based on your in-game performance, adding and removing instruments accordingly.

“It’s been great seeing all the positive reception the demo has been getting during the Steam Next Fest” said Jackson Clayton, the developer of the game. “I think players are going to love playing the rest of the game and uncovering all the secrets in it”

"Castillo: The Nine Circles" will be available on Steam for $9.99 starting right after the ending of the Steam Next Fest on October 16th. For more information, you can follow the developer on Twitter @JKClaytonDev1.

**About Jackson Clayton**

Jackson Clayton, the developer of "Castillo: The Nine Circles," is a student at Miami University of Ohio and this marks his fourth game on Steam. This game serves as a sequel to his previous title, "Castillo: Shattered Mirrors."

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