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Fast-paced physics brawler  SpiderHeck s wings into Steam Next Fest

tinyBuild unveil free demo, offering a chaotic showdown full of single and multiplayer mayhem

October 1, 2021

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"There's something very satisfying about being a spider with a lightsaber. [...] It's a lot of fun!"
- Blitz (3.46M subscribers)

"This game is so fun but it's so challenging and that's the kind of game that you really like, something that's easy to pick up and learn but very very difficult to master"
- BaronVonGames (2M subscribers)

1 OCT 2021 - Chaotic couch brawler SpiderHeck, an upcoming title from solo developer Neverjam and publisher tinyBuild, swings into the Steam Next Fest today with a fast-paced demo of its web shooting, sword swinging showdown.

Ahead of its launch on all major platforms in 2022, players can jump into the arena now. They can battle against their friends in couch co-op, or take on wave after wave of vicious wasps in endless single-player fun. 

Highly anticipated after its September announcement, this hilarious physics-based brawler pits spider against spider. Armed to the web with laser swords, shotgun blasters, grenades and more, this is a duel of epic proportions.  [Continues below]  

Uvis Zviedris, the developer, said: "Over the past year, I have been working closely with the community on Discord to refine the core gameplay of SpiderHeck and this demo is the result of that."

I am most happy with just how much pure fun the game can be. Even after 2 years of me pestering them, the game is still getting my friends laughing during playtests, and if anyone should be sick of it by now... it should be them.

"I think this is a great point to jump in and try the game, both for players and for me to hear your feedback!" [Continues below]    

SpiderHeck is currently available as a demo, with the full release expected in 2022.

For more information, please contact Ellie Pattinson at [email protected].  

About SpiderHeck

SpiderHeck is a chaotic couch co-op brawler where spiders dance to the death in the grip of chaotic battles using laser swords, grenades and even rocket launchers to defeat their foes.

Challenge yourself by fighting wave after wave of vicious wasps in endless hours of single-player fun, or let the mayhem begin in a dazzling fight against your friends taking on the wasps in PVE; stab, sling, and scramble your way to victory in this spider showdown.

  • Single or Multiplayer PVE - Take on the wasps in single-player or local multiplayer chaos for up to 4 players. 

  • Local Multiplayer PVP - Duel to the death against your friends to see who will become champion of the SpiderHeck arena.

  • Easy to Pick Up - Simple, intuitive controls that will have you swinging around like the spider swordmaster you are destined to be in no time.

  • Hilarious physics-based combat - Watch in delight as your friends pull off the ultimate parkour feat, before catapulting themselves face-first into the lava.

  • Incredible acrobatics - Spiders react dynamically to the carnage, resulting in a range of badass and hilariously clumsy moments.

About Neverjam

Neverjam is a solo game developer making his first game and, for some reason, it's about spiders. For more information, follow him on Twitter @Neverjamdev.  

About tinyBuild

Coming up on its 10th anniversary in the industry, tinyBuild is proud to help shape the modern definition of indie games.

Supporting developers in India, Ukraine, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, the US and now Indonesia, tinyBuild knows that confidently talented developers are all around us and waiting to be discovered. With a portfolio of games like SpeedRunnersHello NeighborGraveyard Keeper and Pathologic, tinyBuild has some big plans for what's next!

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