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Explore an uncharted expanse in Starborne: Frontiers’ newest game mode

Dive into The Abyss now!

October 10, 2023

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Starborne: Frontiers highly anticipated game mode, The Abyss is now ready to delve into. The Abyss features rich exploration, and a deep narrative waiting to be discovered. As you traverse The Abyss you will face tough bosses, strategic challenges, and risk-filled decisions that impact the gameplay experience.
Emerging as an enigma in the Starborne Universe, the sudden appearance of The Abyss has left many puzzled. While its origins and true nature remain shrouded in mystery, commanders from across the galaxy are braving its depths, drawn by the allure of untold riches. This vast space is scattered with resource-rich Clusters, brimming with some of the rarest treasures in the universe, and is now the ground zero for factions and pirates vying for supremacy.
But it wasn’t always this way. “The Abyss was once shielded by a colossal, unyielding blockade. As the Blockade fell and The Abyss was reachable again, commanders of the Spiral Expanse woke up to a stark reality. The Harvesters had used the time wisely, setting up extradimensional harvesting pockets known as Clusters, connecting from inside The Abyss to multiple resource-rich locations in the galaxy. To the Harvesters, living beings and inanimate objects are mere resources, and their insatiable thirst for these resources is never-ending. It does not take a genius to figure out that eventually there will be nothing left for them to harvest… or anyone around to witness the day when all matter has been consumed by the Great Harvest.”   
The Abyss will be an expansive, ever-evolving game mode. What you see today is just the beginning; you can look forward to more exciting content in the future. Here is a taste of what to expect:
Dynamic exploration
The Abyss reimagines the tower mode experience. Instead of following a fixed path, players will navigate a dynamic map, inviting them to carve their own journey and explore.
Traverse through depths teeming with Clusters and Nodes. On these Nodes, you can encounter thrilling combat scenarios, trade with elusive merchants, or unearth valuable resources with your ship’s scanners. You may even find a wormhole, giving you the choice to venture deeper and face greater risks and challenges.

Tactical combat
Prepare to face challenging adversaries at every level. Each depth is guarded by a 'Gatekeeper.' Then, for every 5 levels you descend, you'll confront a major boss called a 'Harvester.' Each Harvester boasts unique mechanics that will test your skills and strategy. It's essential to consider their affinity, planning your team around their weaknesses. But that's not all – you'll also need to tackle their continuously increasing spawns.
As you traverse The Abyss, you can stumble upon some unique combat encounters that have special requirements needed to complete them. From keeping the last remaining enemy alive to winning using only rare units, you will need to unleash your tactical skills to be successful in these encounters. Complete these battles to win fragments. When enough fragments have been collected, they can be used to recruit a new unit.

The design of the abyss is modular to ensure that every season feels fresh. Every month you can expect the layout of the map to change, including the layout of nodes and combat scenarios.
Every 5 depths of The Abyss represents a different affinity. Each season the order of these affinities will change, meaning you will experience each one at a different difficulty level. To succeed each season, you will need to optimize your team accordingly.
Determine your fate!
As you explore you may be faced with some tough choices. From choosing to up the stakes for better loot to making risk-filled command decisions. The choices you make determine the rewards you receive.
Agust Freyr Kristinsson, Art Director for Starborne: Frontiers says “I am really excited for The Abyss. One of the major design goals with The Abyss was to offer players a stronger sense of exploration and movement and of course, big baddies to kill. The modular nature of The Abyss also gives us tools we previously did not have access to when it comes to adding future content. So all in all I have high hopes for The Abyss.”

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The game can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store
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