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Expand & Exterminate: Terrytorial Disputes – Endless Base Defense | Early Access on Steam!

The best elements of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and Tower Defense genres combined into a new Base Defense game.

October 13, 2023

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Terryble Interactive |

General, enemy forces have opened a Paradox rift outside of our base, we need you to fight them off. Defend your base against endless waves of enemies with different categories, including heavy, fast, flying, missile launchers, and more. Balance your economy and resources, expand your territory, research through intricate tech trees, and place turrets to better protect your territory. With over 200 tech upgrades and 65 Buildings to choose from, you'll need to stay on the leading edge of technology and tactics to emerge victorious. Defeat unique and mighty champions, defend against attacks from the air, and keep your base powered to secure your territory. With classic styles, music, and influences that have defined RTS games since their inception, prepare for an exciting and challenging gameplay experience.

Welcome Back General, your base has been waiting for you.
Endless stream of enemies
Prepare for a relentless onslaught of enemy attacks, with 12 different enemy categories (Fast, Heavy, Flying, Missile Launchers, etc.) and hundreds of waves to contend with, the challenge will be non-stop. When the enemies start coming, they won't stop until you are dead. You'll need to stay alert and adjust your tactics to match the changing enemy units and strategies.

Explore a massive Tech Tree
Research through over 250 Technologies that can upgrade almost every aspect of your base. Upgrade Turret's damage, Refinery's speed, or your Power Plant's power output. Each round you gain EXP, which you can use to purchase new technology for you to research in your next game. Each game will allow you to progress farther into the tech tree, can you survive long enough to explore them all?

The enemy fights back
The enemy won't just stand idly by while you destroy their units. They'll fight back with their own diverse arsenal of cannons and missiles, making each wave of attacks increasingly challenging. With enemies getting stronger and more cunning as the game progresses, you'll need to stay on your toes and keep refining your defensive strategies to survive.

Fight against mighty champions
Champions are unique units designed to wreak havoc on your base and bring you to your knees. These mighty foes boast powerful attacks, exceptional speed, and devastating abilities, and they require precise strategy and tactics to defeat. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter a variety of different champions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Will you be able to overcome their challenge and defend your base against their onslaught?

Collect Resources
Capturing gem fields is essential to funding your operation! Managing your economy versus your defenses will be a constant balancing act, as your gem collection needs to be balanced with your gem capacity. To ensure you have a steady stream of income, build silos to allow a larger stockpile of money and plan your resource management carefully.

Expand your base
Terrain expansion plays a crucial role in your overall strategy. As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to expand your base’s footprint by generating additional chunks of the map. This allows you to gather more resources and generate income, but it also enables you to construct additional towers and structures to better protect your territory. The larger your base, the more formidable your defenses can become.
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