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Exercise Your Presidential Duties in I Am Your President

Arrives on Steam on February 27th, with review keys now available.

February 21, 2023

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President Studio |

It’s time to step up and reach for power! This is the moment you begin to run this cardboard circus and shape your own circle of allies. Sitting down behind the Resolute Desk may make you the gracious leader of the greatest country on this planet, but it doesn’t save you from keeping your promises. Once you tell your citizens that they will be the first to Mars, you must do your darndest to keep your promise. Political pressure starts building on February 27th, 2023, when I Am Your President launches on Steam.



I Am Your President is a presidency simulator with a satirical twist where players step into the shoes of the most powerful man on the planet. Political chess begins the moment they sit in the Oval Office. As they build the Cabinet of their most trusted allies, their enemies prepare to strike. World affairs and domestic turmoil aren’t the only obstacles players must face in presidential careers. So get ready to rule and conquer, but watch out for the giant red button, as the silly countdown may just be the end of the world.




The country awaits your every decision and they may not like when you dilly dally on keeping your promises. So as a president, you don’t really have to care about their opinion. The only thing that matters is your vision for this country. This is your term, your choices, and your power to rule. Are you ready for the challenge? Grab a Steam key and begin your rule!

Review Keys:


Key Features:

  • Presidential duties: making promises and almost always keeping them, anything to make America great again, even at a cost of personal life,

  • Projects: creating tangible change in the American way of living by proposing and passing new laws and projects,

  • World’s Map: making decisions based on America’s standing on the international political stage, influencing the course of history to bring America to greatness,

  • Branching story: every term of office comes with its own troubles and challenges, so no playthrough is exactly the same, decisions have consequences which change more than just stats,

  • Rule and Conquer: a political game of chess, where there’s only one winner and it better be America, or heads will roll.




About President Studio

The President Studio is a game development company established in 2018 and located in Warsaw, Poland. Our crew consists of young, passionate and creative people, who aren’t afraid of any challenge thrown their way. In our work, we are constantly trying to combine an individual perspective with a love for making games. 


Additional Info:

  • Developer: President Studio

  • Release Date: February 27th 2023

  • Platform: PC / Steam

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