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Embark on a Bold New MMO Adventure in Noah's Heart, Out July 28 on Mobile and PC

MMO adventure live today.
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Los Angeles, California -July 28, 2022- -After years of development, Noah’s Heart, the open-world sci-fi MMO from Archosaur and Famous Heart Limited, officially launches in North America and Europe on July 28, 2022.

Players can download Noah’s Heart for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play and PC. Noah’s Heart has been localized into English, French, German, Russian and Portuguese to provide an optimal gaming experience, so players around the world can join their friends and explore the stunning planet of Noah!
Download for free now: Noah's Heart Game Download
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Thanks to the enthusiasm from players during pre-registration, the developers are offering a bevy of unique and exciting rewards to kick-start the adventure with, including diamonds, rare crafting materials, exclusive customization options, and the legendary phantom Shirley.
The core game design of Noah’s Heart centers on a vast open world and online social interactions. Players have seamless access to an entire planet they can explore at will, without borders or hindrances. If you pick a direction and keep running, you end up circumnavigating the entire planet, traversing a wide variety of terrain including ice fields, deserts, rainforests, and more. That’s quite the journey to make on foot, but to make the journey a bit easier, you can also make use of a boat, a horse, and even a jet pack.
In Noah’s Heart, players choose from a selection of weapons at the beginning of the game, and these replace traditional MMO classes. Weapon loadouts can be changed later in the game, unlocking an extensive range of customization options in combat.
No warrior can handle every challenge alone. To help make themselves a more formidable fighting force, players can form a squad with dozens of Phantoms, ghostly apparitions of historical figures from different parts of the world.

Fight side-by-side with Phantoms and build bonds with them to discover more about their unique stories. As the game progresses, Phantoms gradually view you as a trusted partners both in and out of combat.

Noah’s Heart builds on the exciting open-world system as its predecessor, Dragon Raja, while introducing even more exhilarating elements. Together with challenging dungeons and fully customizable characters, Noah’s Heart places a heavy emphasis on online social experiences. On planet Noah, you can brave dungeons with friends, compete with guild mates in Guild Contests, or simply pay a visit to your friends’ homes for a chance to relax. Noah’s Heart also features a comprehensive guild system that ensures you never have to go it alone if you don’t want to.
Archosaur Games is also dedicated to creating a welcoming and active community on social media. The most recent Nova Star Selection Contest hosted on Discord enjoyed a positive reception, with over 10,000 players participating. The team is serious about letting players shape Noah’s Heart as well. Archosaur previously invited players in the community to rename monsters in the game, with even more opportunities to make your voice heard in the near future
Developed by Archosaur Games, Noah’s Heart is the follow-up to the beloved Dragon Raja. The exhilarating new MMORPG delivers a splendid world with breathtaking visuals made possible by Unreal Engine 4 that’s bound to be an experience players won’t soon forget. 

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