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'The Azimuth Saga' heads towards inexorably end with a big bang promised for those pesky Thargoids.

August 4, 2022

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Elite Dangerous’ biggest ever story enters its explosive endgame

Elite Dangerous’ long-running storyline, The Azimuth Saga, is about to reach its dramatic finale. The controversial figure known as Salvation is preparing to unleash the Proteus Wave, a superweapon he claims will stop the Thargoid menace once and for all.

The finale of the Azimuth Saga, coinciding with the release of Update 13 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on Tuesday August 9th, will pave the way for future Elite Dangerous content updates throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond.  

For any Commanders who wish to join the intensifying fight against the Thargoids, they should head to the HIP 22460 system where they will find it swarming with Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones. Some of these zones feature capital ships from the Federation, Empire and even the Alliance, as they attempt to buy Salvation the time he needs to construct the Proteus Wave.

Players will be updated on Salvation’s progress in building the Proteus Wave via in-game broadcasts until the moment it is activated. Commanders won’t want to miss what happens next.

The Azimuth Saga began back in October 2020, with the mysterious appearance of an abandoned 200-year-old Megaship – The Adamastor. This also coincided with the emergence of Salvation, an enigmatic and contentious figure who, over the next 18 months, would oversee a series of major victories against the Thargoid threat, using a new and increasingly powerful prototype Anti-Xeno weapon.

Following a series of major victories, Salvation accumulated the backing of the three main superpowers in the Elite Dangerous galaxy – The Alliance, Empire and Federation. Recently, however, and perhaps too late, Commanders discovered grim revelations about Salvation’s true identity, personal history and unethical research methods. Despite this, the superpowers remain committed to Salvation and trust that he will put an end to the Thargoid threat.

All Elite Dangerous players can witness the finale of the Azimuth Saga, no matter which version of the game they are playing. Read more about the events of the saga so far here.


Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available to purchase now on Steam, via the Epic Games Store, or via the Frontier Store. Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons are available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games and the Frontier Store.

Note: In order to play Elite Dangerous: Odyssey or Elite Dangerous: Horizons, players must also own a copy of the Elite Dangerous base game.

Follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and via the Frontier Forums. Visit the Elite Dangerous official website at www.elitedangerous.com 

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