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Drifter’s Tales: a new indie narrative & strategic cards game is available for free on early access

And this is not another Slay the Spire inspired game.
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

The First Spine announce that their narrative & strategic cards game lands on Steam for a free early access. The end of the early access is scheduled on September. In this game, the player has to pick cards in order to complete short stories in a dark-fantasy universe. The gameplay is centered on highly strategic battles at the crossroads of genres between a TCG and a placement game.

In Drifter’s Tales, you can play different stories featuring unique mechanics and challenge devious and powerful enemies. You play as a wizard whose possibilities are materialized by cards with unique effects. These cards have to be placed on a game board, allowing you to advance to your opponent to ensure you the victory.

Because this is a narrative-first game inspired by gamebooks, choices are also important in this game: it will slightly shape the world and the possibilities around the player. Moreover, at the end of each story, the player can choose between three paths that rewards him unique cards to add on his deck.

Drifter’s tales also has online asynchronous possibilities. When some players are doing some actions in their world, other players can hear noises or be rewarded by some cards. Again, this serves the story behind the game.

“I strongly believe in the links between story and gameplay. Board game publishers only place a theme on a generic mechanic, and this is an opportunity for me to show them that, yes, we can create a global experience that gives authors the opportunity to show all the extent of their imagination.”
- Teddy Gandon, developer of Drifter’s Tales

About the early access
The current early access features 3 stories. During the early access phase, we will add two new stories until the final release. The complete version of the game will have a total of eight stories. We planned to update the early access with a strict calendar, preventing the team to be sucked in a scope creep.
As the early access is free, players can give a tip to the developers though a DLC for 4,99€. This DLC offers the players to be credited at the end of the game. The final version of the game will be priced to 9,90€.

Where to play it? Where can I loot more screenshots & videos?
Appendix - if you love bullet-hell-points key features
  • Eight playable stories with strong narrative experience
  • Highly strategic battles on a game board that features more than 40 cards
  • Cards can be modified with modifiers that changes capacities & statistics
  • Each story features a covenant that requires some actions to be rewarded with a unique card
  • The player can bet on the number of cards to play during the story to be rewarded at the end
  • Asynchronous online mode with events that serves the narrative

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