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Developers update: Kartoffl in pass through with price cut. Oct 10th

Price chipped away at to mark Meta Quest 3 launch.

October 10, 2023

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Breach VR |

Play with passthrough
On the verge of our one year anniversary, we’re excited to give you the Kartoffl passthrough update! With this new feature we’re bringing the Kartoffl universe to the comfort of your real-world home environment. 
November 3rd 2022 was the big date for our first release; after two years of development, the cute potatoes were set to take the world by storm. Now, the spuds are ready to join you in your own living space!

A fight against time and resources
Kartoffl is the lemmings inspired VR game where you guide a group of adorable potatoes from one point to the other. The problem? They are stupid to the verge of extinction. This is a problem solving game where you fight both time and resources to make the spuds reach their goal, all divided in 60 different levels.

The creator, Breach, is a XR development company based in Trondheim, Norway. This small city in the cold north also inhabits one of the Nordics most prestigious technology universities, and so it is the perfect place for developing new and exciting tech. The team is currently 32 people from 7 nationalities, creating both art and development onsite.
With the real world as your backdrop
The familiar and adorable Kartoffl gameplay remains the same, but this update lets you enjoy our 60 challenging puzzle levels while seeing your own physical environment as the backdrop. This lets you stay in touch with the real world, in full color on Meta Quest Pro and Quest 3, while still being totally captured by the loveable & silly spud antics.

Celebrating the launch with a welcome cut
Timing is on your side, and to celebrate the launch of Meta Quest 3, we’re dropping the price and making room for more people in the world of cute potatoes, saving them one at a time.

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