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Delve Into Classic RTS Gameplay in Purple War

Choose your race, form your strategy, and wade into battle during the playtest on July 25th

July 20, 2022

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Author: Warlogics

Warlogics has unleashed a brand new cinematic trailer for their upcoming classic RTS-inspired Purple War. Arriving with the new trailer are all new Legend units as well as an upcoming playtest on July 25th. 

Daivos, a once peaceful and idyllic land is now ravaged by war as elves, orcs, and humans fight for resources after a devastating natural disaster changes the very fabric of their world. Take a glimpse at the world of Daivos in the new cinematic trailer below.


Purple War is an homage to classic RTS games like Warcraft 2 and Command & Conquer. Choose your race and carry out various tactics like sending out scouting teams, mining for resources to build your base, and attacking the enemy to gain a stronger foothold to recruit more troops for your army. Play through the story campaign or engage in fast-paced massive and intense PvP matches with up to 8 players.

From July 25th through August 7th players can travel to the world of Daivos for Purple War’s second playtest. During the playtest, players can also try out the all-new Legend units. A type of advanced unit originating from the campaign scenarios that can also be played in multiplayer matches. 

Legend units have their own special skills and abilities and tower over other troops on the battlefield. They can be trained from the exclusive structure that is free from the tech tree and not tied with the XP system or special items, allowing for easier accessibility while providing potential for varied and flexible strategies. Each race has two Legend units; both types can be played simultaneously during a match.


During the 2nd playtest an ongoing event will take place using the game’s custom-match ranking system. The custom-match ranking system aims to encourage players to flex their competitive skills while also adding varied gameplay and fun. At the end of the playtest on August 7th, the highest ranking players will receive a reward.

Won Joon Chee, Executive Producer on Purple War, said “We appreciate the various suggestions and feedback we received from players during the first playtest. The level of completion has been greatly improved with this playtest along with exciting new content. We hope to see many players join us in Daivos and look forward to more player feedback that will be actively reflected in the game’s development.

Players can now sign up for the 2nd playtest for Purple War by heading to the game’s Steam page and opting in for free. Players that participated in the 1st playtest are automatically eligible to join the 2nd test. To keep up to date on Purple War, follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.

About Warlogics

Founded in 2020, Warlogics is a game development company made up of individuals with a great love and passion for classic RTS games and the companies that made them. With a focus on highlighting the uniqueness and fun of RTS games, Warlogics has embarked on an adventure to pay homage to classic RTS titles while bringing new and engaging stories to longtime RTS fans and inspiring new ones. Warlogics will be releasing their debut title Purple War on Steam later this year.

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