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Classic Arena Shooter Strike Force Heroes Coming to Windows PC on November 10

Indie game publisher IndieArk and developer Sky9 Games bring a completely reimagined remake of the original Flash game to a new generation of gamers

October 26, 2023

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SHENZEN, CHINA (October 26, 2023) - Today, indie game publisher IndieArk is excited to announce that Strike Force Heroes, a classic arena shooter rebuilt with modern mechanics, releases on Windows PC via Steam on November 10. Created by a two-person development team at Sky9 Games, Strike Force Heroes melds over-the-top action with epic storytelling in an intense remake of the hit Flash game from 2012.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year and recently named as one of the most played demos at Steam Next Fest, Strike Force Heroes is back as an all-new game, thoughtfully recreated for the modern day. With a fully rewritten story featuring animated cut scenes, new boss battles, and enhanced graphics, this remake takes a classic to a whole new level for both fans of the original game, and new gamers alike.

Watch the Strike Force Heroes trailer here:  YouTube


Fight in lush forests, on speeding trains, and atop crashing airplanes, customizing your soldiers with different weapons, skills, and upgrades! Strike Force Heroes has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, featuring an expanded campaign with full voice acting, animated cutscenes, challenges, and a brand-new loot system.

Key Features of Strike Force Heroes:


  • Customize Your Hero: Level up four classes with hundreds of weapons, outfits, and abilities, each with its own completely unique strengths, weaknesses, and play style.

  • Choose Your Loadout: With hundreds of weapons, abilities, and equipment to choose from, there’s something for every play style. Go with a safe loadout, or create a clever setup that synergizes perfectly with all your equipment for risky yet deadly results.

  • Epic Storyline: Experience an engaging storyline through fully animated cutscenes with wisecracking characters, explosive action sequences, and challenging boss fights.

  • Endless Replayability: Beating the campaign unlocks harder difficulties to earn better rewards, further build out your heroes, and challenge even the most seasoned of players.

  • Online Co-op and PvP: For the first time ever, invite your friends to join you throughout the entire campaign, or blast them away in fully customizable PvP custom matches!

Strike Force Heroes releases on Windows PC via Steam on November 10, 2023. To play the demo, click here.

For the latest updates about Strike Force Heroes, visit the official website or join the community on Discord

About IndieArk

Founded in 2019, IndieArk is an indie game publisher renowned for its professional marketing and localization team. The company is committed to offering a full suite of customized publishing services delivering unique and interesting games to the world. IndieArk’s mission is to assist ambitious indie game developers with remarkable creativity while fostering a collaborative spirit in all of its partnerships.

About Sky9 Games

Founded in 2012, Sky9 Games is an independent game developer comprised of two team members, Justin Goncalves (the programmer) and Mike Sleva (the artist). Sky9 Games made the original Strike Force Heroes series, along with the Raze series, Siegius series, and a few more games.

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