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Explore a mysterious Tower by completing challenging puzzles with unique gameplay mechanics using lights and shadows.  ​​​​​​​

July 25, 2022

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Author: Selecta Play

Barcelona, Spain - July 25, 2022 - HOSTLIGHT, the challenging indie puzzler developed by ESDIP_GAMES, and published by Selecta Play, is available today on Steam (PC)HOSTLIGHT offers the perfect challenge to puzzle game fans, with over 20 levels where players will have to use light and shadow to complete puzzles while unfolding the mysteries around them. HOSTLIGHT is available with a 20% temporary discount at a price of £9.11


Through several innovative mechanics, HOSTLIGHT asks the players to use their brains to complete intriguing puzzles by using light and shadow. Create the pieces required to solve the puzzles, and play around with the primary light colours to mix and match and complete puzzles. Take advantage of the environment, and use mirrors to direct light beams.

HOSTLIGHT uses light and shadow as well as primary colours to manipulate silhouettes, so players can create figures to obtain pieces necessary for completing each level. Mix and match colours and filters, use mirrors to play around with shapes, and take advantage of the environment. By decoding puzzles, players will explore an intriguing Tower that’s very different from anything they have seen

charming robotic companion called The Guide will help players during their travels through Sanctuary Rooms created a long time ago by an ancient civilization, The Builders. Solve the puzzles, complete each room and unfold the story behind this strange and advanced civilization and the Tower. 


You can find more information and Wishlist HOSTLIGHT on Steam. Follow SelectaPlay on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for more information about upcoming game releases. 

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About Selecta Play
SelectaPlay is the label of SelectaVisión that publishes and distributes videogames with a unique added value in both physical and digital formats in Europe and worldwide.

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ESDIP is an art school with three centers in Madrid. Its objective is to offer the best education to art professionals and interested students, providing them with top resources to develop in areas such as animated films, graphic design, comics, traditional illustration, digital art, video game creation, and more.

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