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Camped Out! Releases Globally on Nintendo Switch and Steam Today!

Launching today on Nintendo Switch and Steam.
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Grab your friends and family and prepare to face the elements together in this charming, family-friendly, frenetic couch co-op adventure, launching today on the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac!

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA, 23rd September - The debut title of Australian indie INCA Studios - Camped Out! - is being released today on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.


We are incredibly excited for friends and families the world over to finally get their hands on Camped Out! and begin their co-operative camping adventure!” said Andrew Caluzzi of INCA Studios. “Games night is such an endearing tradition, and that’s something we really wanted to evoke and bring back with Camped Out!


The game has seen favourable responses from press and content curators in the lead up to launch.


"You’ll quickly discover that you need to work together. Not just in the normal co-op sense – I mean you really need to work together. As a team, coordinating your actions." - CSH Picone


"The soundtrack in particular is the real winner, never dominating the experience, but still establishing the tone when required, especially when the urgency of the final minute kicks in." - Paul James of Player2


Added INCA co-founder Ian Nowatschenko, “we can’t wait for players to discover the many unique twists and turns we’ve woven into each of the campsites and the greater world. The way the game continues to challenge players in unique ways is something we’re really excited about.


Camped Out is a frenetic couch co-op game for friends and families where up to four players must work together to set up camp before darkness falls.


Work together as a team to complete campsites and unlock further areas in the game world.


Each level is a race against the clock where players are required to build tents, construct a campfire, cook enough food and get into bed before darkness falls.


Key Features

  • 20 breathtaking campsites, and a vast world map to explore and uncover.

  • Unique level-specific mechanics to navigate and overcome.

  • Natural critters and predators to keep campers on their toes.

  • Enjoy the adventure in single player or together with up to 4 players.

  • An optional Casual mode for a (slightly) relaxed camping experience.


About INCA Studios

INCA Studios is a Melbourne-based development studio, founded in 2013 by friends Ian Nowatschenko and Andrew Caluzzi. Camped Out! is the studio’s debut title.


Game Info

Title: Camped Out!

Developer: INCA Studios

Publisher: INCA Studios

Official Site:

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac

Release Date: 22nd September (10am PDT, 6pm BDT, 3am AEST)

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