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Calling at all stations to relaxation town... Station to Station arrives via Steam power on PC today!

PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove’s a-track-tive, award-winning voxel indie puzzler is just the ticket for cosy gaming vibes.

October 3, 2023

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Prismatika | Berlin, Germany - October 3rd, 2023 - All aboard for a chilled gaming journey like no other! PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove are thrilled to announce that their award-winning serene and picturesque railway simulator Station to Station launches today via Steam.


Station to Station invites aspiring conductors into an attractive voxel art world to foster growth and expansion by placing stations and creating connections. With each connection comes a transformation, turning rural environments into bright, industrious worlds full of life and colour. 

Unwind and embark on a leisurely train ride through 6 meticulously crafted regions, each filled with unique flora and fauna, from dry desert sands to untamed mountain terrain, all while juggling the demands of train logistics. For those engineers who love more of a train-teaser, each level offers puzzle elements with optional challenges, stack bonuses and unique mechanics throughout the regions.

Stack up your cargo, and prepare for a colourful and cosy ride! 


Station to Station - Features

  • Immersive dose of relaxation: Players will have the opportunity to unwind and destress in a cosy & calming voxel-art environment, designed to soothe the senses with its soft aesthetics and relaxing, adaptive soundtrack.

  • Adventure through regions: A wide variety of levels will be available to play so strap in for the journey! Levels are based throughout 6 diverse regions, featuring three main biomes - Countryside, Desert, Wild West - each with characteristic flora and fauna.

  • Real life inspiration: A selection of 7 trains, all based on real locomotives.

  • Optional challenges: There are optional objectives for those conductors seeking additional challenges.

  • Variety of Industries: Dive into 19 unique industry buildings, along with multiple city variants, each offering its own unique buildings and resources, all created in voxel art. 

  • Diverse gameplay: Multiple card types are available throughout to diversify your gameplay, such as ‘cheap bridges’ (which reduce the cost of building bridges)

  • Custom mode: Highly requested by the community, custom mode allows players to create an infinite number of their own levels alongside those in the main campaign, making it a polished experience tailored to each player’s own expectations. Players have a whole array of choices, from the size of the map and which terrain it’s based on, to a ‘Money-Free Mode’ for an even more relaxing experience.

  • Full localisation into 22 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - LatAm, Spanish - Spain, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malay

  • 49 Steam achievements


Post launch, PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove are already preparing for a future of comforting train journeys with Update 1 set to release in November 2023, and even more updates later down the (train) line.  

Update 1 will contain:

  • A beautiful new region, featuring 5 new levels 

  • New cards, which will introduce new mechanics 

  • New building types 

  • An even higher dose of relaxation, and captivating views!

Station to Station will launch today for PC via Steam for $17.99 / €17.99 / £14.99, and will have a 10% discount for launch. 

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes Station to Station (standard edition), Station to Station OST and a digital art book, which will also be available as individual DLCs. 

Follow us, join the community, and choo-choo with the devs via Twitter and Discord.

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PRISMATIKA is a Berlin-based, hands-on boutique game publisher that works closely with indie studios to help them bring their uniquely creative games and worlds to full fruition. Prismatika's founders are two former leaders at Humble Bundle and its publishing division, Humble Games - where they signed and shipped top indie titles. Prismatika’s team prides itself on its hands-on approach; and their commitment to long term relationships with their developer partners, and the amazing games and worlds that they create.

About Galaxy Grove

Galaxy Grove, based in Utrecht, Netherlands, is a fresh game studio focused on crafting top-tier 3D management and building games. Their unique blend of intuitive gameplay, powerful visuals, and immersive atmospheres promises to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences. The studio is led by Joost van Dongen, an industry veteran with an impressive portfolio including titles such as Awesomenauts and Proun. Currently, they're gearing up for the 2023 release of their much-anticipated debut title, ‘Station to Station’. With G

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