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Almost $1.2 million raised for charitable efforts.

July 28, 2022

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JULY 28, 2022:

BUNGIE DAY GIVING FESTIVAL is an annual worldwide online fundraiser celebrating the Bungie community's legacy of love and service to others. Between July 7 – 20, the Bungie Foundation shined a spotlight on some of the many community members who stepped up in significant ways to support their charitable efforts. As a result, gamers, content creators, streamers and donors worldwide created positive change by raising nearly $1.2 million to make this world a better place for all.

The funds raised will help ensure that the Bungie Foundation can continue its meaningful work across its three charitable pillars: Children's Health and Wellbeing; Humanitarian Aid; and Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity.

“I truly believe we have the greatest community in the industry,” said Christine Edwards, Sr. Foundation Manager of the Bungie Foundation. “Time and time again, they have stood up to support each other and address the needs of the world around them with enthusiasm and compassion – there is a culture of giving that is unmatched.”

During the Bungie Day Giving Festival, over fifty members of the Bungie Community hosted live streams to fundraise. In addition to raising funds, players received the opportunity to unlock some impressive incentive prizes, including popular emblems such as the brand-new “Seven of Seven,” "Circadian Guard,” "Metagalactic Bloom," the "Function of Grace," the "Buoyant Shell” ghost, the packages "Hearts Emblem,” and "Bungie Day Emblems.” Additionally, obtaining the Loyal Companion emote from the Eververse in Destiny 2 and the Artemis Plush from the Bungie Store were among the variety of ways the Bungie community showed their support.

The Bungie Foundation's past events, such as the Bungie Day Giving Festival and Game2Give, are testaments to how technology can bring us together and connect us to those we could not otherwise reach.

What’s next for Bungie Foundation? Stay tuned for details on the fourth annual Game2Give on December 06, 2022. And check back regularly to their social channels for impact reports on how these incredible funds will be put to work.

When the Bungie community joins together in solidarity, we can continue making our world better, brighter, and more hopeful!

The Bungie Foundation is accepting interview requests on a limited basis. To inquire about an interview or for more information, please contact:

Lorraine Quartaro,
Xtream Solutions
[email protected],
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The Bungie Foundation was founded in 2010 as the charitable giving arm of video game developer, Bungie and acts as an expression of Bungie's core values, culture, and brand. The Bungie Foundation empowers the Bungie community to provide amazing support to give back to those in need around the world. We believe that entertainment plays a vital role in the health and well-being of our world and that technology can bring us together, connecting us to those we could not otherwise reach.

The iPads for Kids program currently supports children's hospitals across North America through a digital experience for pediatric patients that supports their emotional and social needs by providing them with fully customized, age-appropriate content that allows for distraction, therapeutic play, and a sense of normalcy vital to creating a positive experience in an otherwise scary and stressful situation. We are excited to announce that iPads for Kids will make its global debut in late 2022!

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