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Build a New Hemispheric Power in Colossus of the South

New Victoria 3 Region Pack Coming Soon

October 25, 2023

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Paradox Interactive | STOCKHOLM - 25 October 2023 - The young nations of South America, freed from the domination of European royalty, face a number of challenges. Continental wars of independence have proven fertile ground for military rule. Rapidly growing populations strain agrarian economies. The reforming Emperor of Brazil has a plan of modernization and liberalisation that threatens established powers in his own capital. Take the reins of a potential giant of the Americas in Victoria 3: Colossus of the South.

Colossus of the South is a new region pack for Victoria 3, Paradox’s grand strategy simulation of societies and economies of the Victorian Age. Focusing on the rise of Brazil as a significant regional power with additional content for other nations, Colossus of the South adds new events, decisions, and flavor to an exciting region for exploration and development.

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South includes content related to:


  • Reign of Pedro II: Historical actions highlighting the reforms and ambitions of Brazil’s Emperor Pedro the Magnanimous, including the abolition of slavery and the modernization of Brazil’s economy.

  • The Old Republic: The power of Brazilian landowners and the emergence of the Positivist revolution against the monarchy.

  • Populism: Challenges to the agrarian oligarchy in Brazil from anti-government bandits and the populist Integralist movement.

  • National Awareness: Development of a unique and diverse Brazilian culture, as well as expansionist goals in Paraguay, South American unification from Gran Colombia, and Pan-National movements of the Federation of the Andes and Rio de la Plata.

  • Amazonian Riches: Exploit the riches of the Amazon while avoiding international conflict and national disorder.

  • New Historical Characters: Coup leader and general Deodora da Fonseca, populist dictator Getulio Vargas, and more.

  • More content for South America: New events and journal entries and flavor for many countries in the region!

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South will be available on 14 November 2023. It will be included free for owners of the Victoria 3: Grand Edition or subscribers to the Victoria 3 Expansion Pass. It can be pre-ordered and bought separately for the suggested retail price of $5.99/£4.99/€5.99.

About Paradox Interactive

The Paradox group today consists of both publishing and internal development of games and brands. Paradox has a broad portfolio of games and owns the most important brands, including Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, Victoria, Age of Wonders and the World of Darkness catalog of brands.

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