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​​​​​​​ Bound by Blades Unveiled — Merges the Thrill of Boss Rushes with the Wholesomeness of Cozy Indie RPGs

Sharpen your swords in preparation for this delightful new indie title, launching Q4 2022 on Steam, with Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS versions releasing in 2023

July 26, 2022

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Author: Assemble Entertainment

Wiesbaden, Germany - 26th July 2022 - Today, acclaimed publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Zeth are revealing something special for RPG lovers: the brand new indie title Bound by Blades. Launching in Q4 2022 on Steam and releasing later on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices, Bound by Blades is a boss-rush-style RPG with an emphasis on challenging combat and crafting. Embark on a journey through the magical world of Ashmyr, a once thriving land now left desolate and teeming with Ilcyon, bloodthirsty enemies scattered across the globe. Defeat formidable bosses, meet imaginative NPCs, and learn the lore behind Ashmyr’s mysterious downfall in this charming yet challenging game!



Watch the Bound by Blades announcement trailer: 

YouTube | Download 

Download the press kit here 


Bound by Blades follows the core gameplay of slaying bosses, harvesting their remains, and leveling/crafting gear. While not being as hardcore as the genre kings, Bound by Blades offers a fun and more casual approach to players who are looking to experience boss-rush gameplay. Created by solo developer Zeth, the title is a passion project aimed at giving players a more accessible entry into boss-centered RPGs. Told through an enchanting digital-sketchbook art style, follow the young Bound through their journey in Ashmyr to learn about the beginnings of the vile Ilcyon and other mysterious entities.


Key Features of Bound by Blades

  • Beast Slayer: Slay colossal monsters through perilous combat, and learn their maneuvers in order to survive the battles and come out ahead. Harvest their remains, and utilize them to craft a sweet new set of gear!

  • Intuitive Controls and Unique Combat: Bound By Blades is designed for players of all skill levels, allowing any adventurer to embark on this challenging journey. Employ a variety of maneuvers like Quick and Strong Attacks, Combos, and Unique Combo Finishers. 

  • Adventure Together: With a two-player co-op option, enlist a travel companion and slay monsters together in Ashmyr.

  • Choose your Fighter: There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” playstyle in Bound by Blades. Acknowledging this, select and swap between the game’s three main characters, each with their own unique battle styles and gear: Teo the Kuza cat, Guren the Fangorian bunny, and Space Oxbourne ox.


Bound by Blades is available to wishlist on Steam, with a planned release set for Q4 2022.


To keep up to date with the latest Bound by Blades news, follow Assemble Entertainment on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and join the official Assemble Discord server.  



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About Assemble Entertainment


Founded in 2016 and based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Assemble Entertainment is an independent games developer best known for the survival city-builder Endzone - A World   Apart, which challenges players to survive and thrive following an environmental apocalypse, and the modernized Leisure Suit Larry series, featuring two new entries in the iconic decades-spanning saga. 


Despite the company's short history, Assemble Entertainment has won the German Developer Award twice — in 2020 and 2021— in the category "Best Publisher.” Assemble Entertainment organizes GermanDevDays, an annual conference held in Frankfurt, Germany since 2016, that attracts more than 1,100 attendees from across the German-speaking video game development industry. The event also includes the GermanDevDays Indie Award, where indie development teams across Germany can participate in varying categories to win a cash prize for their projects. The event is hosted by Stefan Marcinek, CEO and Founder of Assemble Entertainment. More on www.germandevdays.com and www.assemble-entertainment.com.

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