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Boisterous Battleship Builder  Waves of Steel  Kickflips Out of Steam Early Access Today

Crowd Control Features Setting Sail Today Alongside v1.0
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SAN FRANCISCO - Feb. 6, 2022 - Waves of Steel, the build-your-own-battleship (BYOB) arcade naval combat sim from TMA Games, has successfully navigated the waters of Early Access. Today, it finally docks at v1.0, bearing a weighty cargo of new over-the-top naval combat gameplay. All this new content is available today for PC gamers.
Venture into v1.0’s single player campaign, now including the debut of the final 7 of the story’s 33 missions. Confront brand-new threats, including ships that can transform into Gundam-inspired mechs, and the overwhelming power of “The Biggest Gun”. Equip ships with beyond-cutting-edge weaponry like railguns and plasma torpedoes. Experiment with special abilities that let a 50000-ton warship dance like a fighter jet.

Upgrade your mighty vessel by collecting the remains of fallen foes and discovering hidden treasures. Customize the more than 50 different playable ships with over 450 different ship parts. Make any ship as historically (in)accurate as you want with custom flags, paint jobs, and decals.
Take advantage of the game’s extensive accessibility options: customize controls, set any or all weapons to autofire, change the HUD’s colors, and even tweak the game’s speed. Set up grand melees in Free Play mode against your choice of ships from across the entire campaign. Anyone and everyone can take to the captain’s chair and conquer the cartoonishly dangerous waters of Waves of Steel.
“The gunners are awaiting your orders, and the horizon is beckoning,” said Chris Weisiger, Founder of TMA Games. “Waves of Steel isn’t pulling any punches. This is my passion project. I spent nearly four years making it the game I always wanted to play when I was a kid. Along the way, I’ve added every little detail I could think of. There’s minigames, bonus missions, and tons of extra content crammed into every corner of the ocean!”

Streamer captains can put fate in the hands of viewers, thanks to Crowd Control integration. The audience can call down raining meteors and orbital lasers, scramble your controller, activate cheats like Big Head Mode, and even turn individual enemy ships into specially-named minibosses.

Waves of Steel leaves Steam Early Access on Windows PCs today for $14.99 at a launch discount of 25%, or $19.99 for the game and its soundtrack. For more information on Waves of Steel, please visit the official website and follow on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and join the community Discord.

About TMA Games
TMA Games is a San Francisco-based game development studio aiming to create a welcoming space within the game dev community full of respect, kindness, and a firm rejection of hatred and bigotry. Waves of Steel marks the developer’s first release, with many more “dream projects'' on the horizon upon its completion.
To learn more, visit the official TMA Games website.

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