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Arms Race 2 Coming to Steam and Epic Store on December 5

A PC Turn-Based Strategy Game

October 10, 2023

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Alina Digital | Keycodes delivered upon request

Montreal, Canada –October 4, 2023– Independent development studio Alina Digital will be launching Arms Race 2, a turn-based strategy gameon Steam and Epic Store on December 5.
Arms Race 2 offers an engaging gaming experience by immersing players in the Cold War rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union spanning from the 1950s to the 1990s. In just a few hours of gameplay, it enables players to relive five decades of tension, secrecy, paranoia, proxy conflicts, and the prevailing 'us vs. them’ mentality.
It is the follow-up to the Cold War Era game Arms Race by Alina Digital, which integrates the original game's core mechanics and DLCs while receiving graphical enhancements for an improved user interface.

Arms Race 2 stands out from other war-based strategy games with its captivating Cold War narrative, offering players the choice to play as either the Americans or Soviets. It presents diverse strategies, space exploration, and government shaping, creating an engaging gaming experience.
The game features a user-friendly experience, with in-game tutorials and menus providing information on player influence, military units, espionage, budgets, milestones, scoring, consequences, and firepower, enabling effective leadership for players of all skill levels.

Currently, a downloadable beta and demo version of the game is available on Steam.


  • Establish spy networks for propaganda or sabotage.

  • Launch rockets, satellites, and astronauts into space.

  • Develop unique strategies and tactics.

  • Organize parades or incite riots for chaos.

  • Engage in historical races (technological, nuclear, arms, and space).

  • Deal with global consequences from historical events.

  • Utilize powerful UN decisions for diplomacy.

  • Access a political database with influential politicians' pictures.

  • Customize your government's characteristics through voting.

  • Experience industrialization for alliance cooperation and score enhancement.

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About Alina Digital
Founded in 2012, Alina Digital is a Montreal-based game development studio. With an ambitious team comprised of young talent hailing from both Canada and the USA, the studio is in the process of releasing its latest title, Arms Race 2. While Alina Digital is quickly becoming a recognizable and rising brand in strategy gaming, the studio wants to ensure that its titles are accessible for casual and for on-the-go gamers.
Company president Max Sprin has been involved in strategy gaming for over 20 years. His vision for Alina Digital is to consistently offer quality titles that connect gamers together from across the globe.

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