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Quillo Games Debut Title to be Publisher Happinet’s First Worldwide Release Under Happinet Indie Collection Label; Players Invited to Experience the Demo and Animated Short Available Now

July 19, 2022

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Author: Happinet

TOKYO – July 19, 2022 – Publisher Happinet is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Indie developer, Quillo Games to release Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale for PC (via Steam) in Summer 2023. Currently in development, the whimsical adventure game is the debut title for the company’s new label, “Happinet Indie Collection”. Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale focuses on Mai, a young girl trapped in a colorful fantasy world as she uncovers secrets from the dark world of her memories. Fortunately, while Mai is the sole human, she is not alone. A cast of hilarious animal companions will be at her side to fight darkness and teach her: No obstacle is too great if they stand together!

Adventurers can experience a first-look at the this story-rich and heartfelt tale and learn the origins of Mai’s journey by playing the free demo for Apopia: Prologue on Steam, today! Player feedback is highly encouraged and will be considered for inclusion in the upcoming full game Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale. In addition, Quillo Games has created Apopia: The Broken Crown, an animated short film telling the backstory of how Moly, the former princess of Yogurt, lost her crown before meeting Mai. Both the playable demo and animated short are available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese languages.

Apocalypse x Utopia = Apopia

Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale tells a tale about overcoming apocalypse and seeking utopia. An apocalypse can come in many forms, and Mai will have to conquer the darkness within her accept her true identity before she can find her utopia. Taking on the role of multiple characters, the story is presented in vivid hand-drawn animations and gameplay that features exploration, puzzles, minigames, and defeating enemies not by fighting, but by wit!

Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale key features:

  • Two Worlds, One Game— Players will solve physical challenges in the colorful Fantasy World and face psychological obstacles in the Dark World which provide distinct experiences in each.

  • Story-rich with Positive Themes— Brimming with rich symbolism and metaphor – Apopia strives to encourage players to look at things from different perspectives, focusing on themes of humanity, companionship, and discovery of self-identity. 

  • Multiple Playable Characters— Play as Mai, trouble-making cat, Nico, rabbit caretaker Moly, and other characters with quirky personalities, each with their own unique ability. Characters will also work as a team to solve problems.

  • Replayable Mini-games and Puzzles— Defeat enemies and solve problems via a variety of devious puzzles and clever mini-games that include quick time events, running, sneaking, dodging, flying, swinging, and more! Further difficulties will be unlocked in Minigame Mode after completion.

  • Secrets to Unveil— Secrets and encoded messages are hidden throughout the game which would hint the deeper understanding of the lore.

To be released by Happinet Indie Collection label, and developed by Quillo Games, Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale is scheduled to launch on Steam in Summer 2023 in English with additional language support for Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese languages.

For more information on Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale, please visit the official website. Keep up with the latest news from Quillo Games by following them on Instagram @ApopiaGame and Twitter @ApopiaWorld.

About Happinet
Happinet is a Japanese comprehensive entertainment trading company that boasts either top or near-top market share in each of its four main businesses: toys; visual and music; video games; and amusements. For more information, visit https://www.happinet.co.jp/english/index.html.

About Quillo Games
Quillo Games is a passionate independent development studio comprised of two childhood friends. Co-founders Andy (Art Lead) and Ricky (Programming Lead) have always loved playing story-rich games. For Quillo Games, the story, the characters, and themes it tackles lie at the heart of artistic expression and allows developers to share experiences with audiences not possible in more traditional action-focused genres. Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale is Quillo Games’ debut title and the team is excited to share its very first adventure, full of mystery, metaphor and a surprising fantasy world.


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