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Apex Rumble hits the iOS AppStore

Rebuild Apex City in this intense Arcade Action City Builder


February 9, 2024

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Epicore Info Solutions :

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – February 9, 2024 Epicore Info Solutions is pleased to announce the release of Apex Rumble for iPhone and iPad with Game Center integration for Leaderboards, and 12 Achievements for players to unlock. All graphics, sound, music and code was created by Patrik Hedmalm in close cooperation with GPT4.


Voxel Vandals have trashed Apex City and stolen all of the building blueprints. The main objective of the game is to find the blueprints, crush towers, forge Voxel Brix and rebuild all of the 60 buildings in the city. Apex Rumble mixes casual city building with fast-paced retro arcade action. 


AppStore : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ApexRumble/id6473743809?mt=8
Web site : https://epicore.se/ApexRumble
Release trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIgI5ZOF2hU


Key Features


  • Rebuild: Collect Voxel Brix and find blueprints to restore Apex City to its former glory.

  • Growth: Devour smaller, colorful towers to grow and dominate. Beware of larger black towers.

  • Boosters: Use boosters Fungus, Frost, Immortal, Thunder, Revive and Tornado to strategically overcome challenges.

  • Combos: Score color combos for progressive bonus height.

  • Progress: Plow through 60 levels of increasing intensity, earning up to three stars in each one.

  • Rewards: Collect gift boxes, unveiling invaluable loot to augment your journey.

  • Achievements: Conquer 12 GameCenter achievements, proving you got the chops.

  • Results: Climb the ranks on the GameCenter leaderboard and challenge your friends.


The player starts each of the 60 levels (one for each building) as a single voxel moving freely in any direction. Each level is filled with endless hordes of independently moving towers of varying size. Smaller towers are colorful while larger towers are black. The player grows taller by crushing smaller towers while larger towers hurt the player on collision. As the player grows, other towers will turn from black to colorful, opening up new opportunities for growth. To get an edge, the player can find boosters, coins and presents, scattered across the levels.

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