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A rhythm game where the music will be the key to defeat a totalitarian regime in a postapocalyptic world

October 24, 2023

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Gatera Studio | October 24th 2023, Spain - ANTRO, by Gatera Studio, a rhythm platformer that takes place in a postapocalyptic and underground city, has just released a new teaser packed with action and new gameplay. Along with introducing us to the dystopian atmosphere of the game and its mechanics, it reveals new content that had never been seen before.

It takes us to the underground city of ANTRO and shows us the different districts that make up the city, divided in social classes. Most notably, it shows for the first time the third district, which is the closest one to the surface, and also where the most powerful inhabitants reside. Accompanying all the frenetic action, we can also hear the soundtrack of the game, which is a vital part in both the gameplay and the story.

Among the artists who have composed original creations for the game we can find JM Benet, Aleis / La Hepta and Status Crudo / La Hepta. The full roster will be revealed soon.

Deliver a package that will make history with music as your ally

Humankind has been forced to live underground, in the city of ANTRO. It’s a dirty and dark hole divided into geographical strata where the inhabitants of the lowest levels fight for survival doing forced labor, while the ones in the highest levels rule over the new underground world. The government has become a totalitarian system, handing over the power to a corporation known as La Cúpula. Freedom of speech has been censored. Art and music, forbidden.

In this city, you’ll play as Nittch, a nihilist and lonely delivery guy that survives in the lowest level of ANTRO. Your mission is to deliver a package to an unknown recipient. That’s how your long journey begins, catching the attention of La Cúpula and joining the rebellion of the Discordants. You better be ready to prevent this unusual world from subduing you, because the key to revolutionize ANTRO is literally on your shoulders!

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  • Postapocalyptic setting in an underground city run by a totalitarian government controlled by a heartless corporation, La Cúpula.

  • Polished 2.5D aesthetics that bring the atmosphere of ANTRO to life.

  • Platforming levels where you and the scenario will move in synchrony with the music.

  • Levels with intriguing puzzles and stealth sections where you’ll have to avoid getting caught.

  • Accurate representation of all forms of urban culture, including an original soundtrack with a varied selection of urban music genres like Hip Hop, Drill, R&B and electronic music.

  • A strong message in defense of art and freedom.

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About Gatera Studio
Founded in 2022 in Barcelona, Gatera Studio is born from the drive to represent urban culture in videogames from a rebellious and socially aware perspective. It starts its activity with the development of ANTRO, a puzzle rhythm 2.5D platformer game. Currently it has the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team composed of developers, 2D and 3D designers, illustrators, artists and music producers, writers and marketing professionals.

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