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'Animon' system out as game hits "top recommended ranks" on Android.

August 8, 2022

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Author: All9fun

3D Idle Arena game, Elemental Titans released in May, 2022, has hit Google Play’s top recommended ranks, and has just celebrated the 100th day since its debut. It is regarded by players as “the best Idle Game ever” and “generous in giving rewards.” Even loyal players said, “Let’s work TOGETHER to make this game the best version it can be!”

<Animon System> newly came out!

ALL9FUN announced that they have rolled out a brand-new system called “Animon.” Not only bringing new content that players wished for, but also leading players to the next challenging adventure.

Besides the basic RPG elements such as Hero Summon, cross-server PvP and Guild buildings, Elemental Titans dishes out a pet system that integrates perfectly with the core Idle playstyle. Animon system allows players to evolve their own Animons and make use of their special attributes. As Animons grow stronger, they can aid Titans during battles.

<Animon Design> Adorable bunny, fiery-mons and graceful Animons with fire!

Players can definitely find their favorite Animon! Animons are designed with different exotic looks which match their characteristic designs. From ordinary paranoid mons, alien bunnies, to firestorm maker - Phoenix with flame surrounded, they are the highlight of this latest update.

<Animon Privileges> Unlock Animon nests, and get Golden Egg!

Animons can be crafted by either collecting Animon Shards or hatching. When hatching through the Animon Nests, adventurers will be able to welcome their pets or fragments after a few hours of waiting. Furthermore, all Animons on the Animon List can be collected. There is no limitation on how many Animons adventurers could have, so they can choose their favorite to raise and let them join in the battlefield!

<Spiritual Heart> Collect various Animons to upgrade and gain stats buffed!

Upgrade the Spiritual hearts by collecting multiple kinds of Animons! The more kinds of Animons obtained, the higher level of the Spiritual Heart. To increase power and make Hero teams tougher, inlaying Atrigems in Animon might be a wise choice aside from Artifacts and Runes Systems.
Download Elemental Titans now, and experience the brand new Animon system. Hatch your Animons, and rise to the top in Arena!
Download here:https://bit.ly/3DLr9iG
FaceBook Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/EleTitans

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