Valve delays Steam Deck dock due to COVID complications and parts shortages

In the meantime, Valve says it'll continue to work on improvements to the docked Steam Deck experience for folks using currently-available options.

Valve has announced a delay for the official Steam Deck Docking Station. The decision pushes the debut out of the vague late Spring launch window, with no word on when the hardware is now expected to release.

The company detailed the delay in a short blog post, noting that issues with manufacturing have made the original launch window impossible. A combination of parts shortages and COVID-19-related closures at its manufacturing facilities played a significant part in that decision.

Valve is careful to note that those manufacturing issues have no impact on the production or ongoing rollout of the actual Steam Deck itself.

The Steam Deck Docking Station gives owners of Valve's PC-on-the-go Steam Deck device a quick solution for docking and connecting the hardware to a TV set, similar to what Nintendo has done with its Nintendo Switch. Steam Deck owners are still able to connect their handheld devices to larger displays via a USB-C connection or third-party hardware in the meantime, and Valve notes that it plans to continue to improve "the docked experience with all USB-C hubs and external displays" following the delay of its official docking hardware.

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