PathEngine Streamlines Mesh Loading, Setup With New Release

PathEngine has released a new version of its pathfinding SDK, version 5.23, improving mesh loading and setup plus support for third-party physics provider scene data.
PathEngine has released a new version of its pathfinding and agent movement SDK, version 5.23. The latest edition, according to the company, streamlines mesh loading and setup, and adds support for automatic ground meshes built from third-party physics provider scene data. PathEngine says it's switched to a more memory-efficient 3D partitioning data structure for world-to-ground resolution -- the company claims builds and loads are a lot faster as a result. The new release also adds the option to save out partitioning and other mesh-related data with the ground mesh file. It supplies code to run PathEngine 3D's content processing directly against scene data for PhysX and Havok. Users now can access a "helper method" to strip out parts of a ground mesh that can't be reached from specified root positions, in addition to other improvements in position resolution and interface checking. Alongside the new version announement, PathEngine says that it's added new licensees: Gorilla Banana Entertainment for Red Blood Online, WeMade Entertainment for NED Online, and unannounced projects at CD-Projekt Red and B-Alive.

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