Miyamoto 'Flattered' By PS3 Controller

In an interview with the Edmonton Sun conducted during E3, Nintendo's Shigeru...
In an interview with the Edmonton Sun conducted during E3, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto was asked several questions concerning the Wii, as well as Sony's recently unveiled PlayStation 3 controller, which utilizes a type of motion sensing technology somewhat similar to what Nintendo has incorporated within its next-generation controller. When asked what he thought of Sony's new controller, and if he thought Sony had purposely copied the idea from Nintendo, Miyamoto commented: "It's kind of what always seems to happen. But the fact that they looked at what we were doing and decided it was a good path is kind of flattering, it kind of reinforces in our minds that we're doing the right thing." He continued: "What they've done is just take your standard controller and add in this motion-sensing device that's similar to what we did back on the Game Boy Color many years ago. Maybe if they were to completely copy and go with a remote and a nunchuk and two motion sensors, I might be a little more concerned. But I don't think they're anywhere close to that." Miyamoto was also questioned on the Wii remote itself, specifically regarding the possible concern by players who do not want to get up and move in order to play games for the Wii, to which Miyamoto responded: "The fact of the matter is, if you want to, you can play in much the same style as you did before. You can sit with Zelda and just with little movements you can control the game perfectly well." He capped off his interview with the Edmonton Sun by adding: "But at the same time, I tend to find that moving around a bit more tends to be more fun."

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