Illusion Softworks Signs D3 Publisher Deal

Japanese publisher D3 have announced a worldwide partnership deal with Czech developer Illusion Softworks, best known for the Hidden & Dangerous, Mafia and Vietcong franchises, for an as yet unnamed title for the 360, PS3 and PC.
Representatives from Japanese publisher D3 have announced a partnership deal with Czech developer Illusion Softworks, best known for its Hidden & Dangerous, Mafia and Vietcong series. As such D3 has obtained the exclusive, worldwide licensing rights to publish and distribute a yet-to-be-announced next generation title based on a new intellectual property currently under development at Illusion Softworks. Best known in Japan for its expansive range of original budget priced titles, including cult hit Earth/Global Defense Force, D3 has recently expanded with offices in the UK and the U.S. The deal with Illusion Softworks marks the company’s first major contract with a European developer. The as yet unnamed new title is slated to be released in the autumn of 2008 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. “As Illusions Softworks marks their tenth anniversary as a first-class developer this month, they celebrate a reputation for delivering high-scoring, top-quality video games and consistent success,” said Yoji Takenaka, executive vice president and CEO of D3 Publisher of America. “D3 is pleased to partner with this talented group in order to provide gaming enthusiasts with a compelling new video game for 2008.” “We are thrilled to partner with D3 not only because they publish excellent games, but also because they publish a more streamlined portfolio of products, with any new and original intellectual property they commit to becoming the central focus of the company,” said Petr Vochozka, CEO of Illusion Softworks. “The development, marketing and retail resources that D3 wields will be essential assets as this explosive new intellectual property is established in the competitive arena.”

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