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Safe and convenient registration with Passwordless Authentication

Spons.: As password leaks in the games industry become increasingly common, it's never been more important to secure player data.

Presented by Xsolla

As password leaks in the games industry become increasingly common, it’s never been more important to secure your players’ data. In a convenient, fully illustrated ebook, Xsolla has compiled current and valuable information to help studios and projects like yours maintain their online security in an industry constantly under attack.

Download your own free copy of our ebook and learn how Passwordless Authentication can be the solution to your studio’s growing technical needs:

  • Recognize the growing threat of password leaks
  • Understand the concept of Passwordless Authentication in a gaming context
  • Learn how convenient and secure Passwordless Authentication is for gamers and game studios
  • Realize the monetary benefit Passwordless Authentication brings, short term and long term
  • Decide the best time to implement Passwordless Authentication into your online ecosystem

Download the ebook now!

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