GoD Q&A: Fugumobile's Ravi Shankar Bose

Games on Deck's latest interview goes in-depth with Fugumobile's Ravi Shenkar Bose, who discusses the mobile game developer's proprietary ad platform, Enrapture, th
Fugumobile, based in China and India, develops and distributes mobile games and apps -- and they're also a "full service mobile marketing agency," with their own ad platform, Enrapture, that delivers the online ad model to the mobile market. Games on Deck's latest Q&A goes inside Fugumobile with co-founder and VP of international business Ravi Shenkar Bose, who gives more details about Enrapture: "With Enrapture we like to focus more on what the brands and consumers understand rather the technology behind the platform. In-game advertising is a convoluted term today with neither the brands nor the consumer understanding it well. That is why Enrapture focuses completely on tried and tested business models like CPM, CPC and CPA, which the advertisers understand. We also try and make the platform as unobtrusive as possible so there are no clickable banners while user is playing the game. The clickable banners only appear when the user exits the game. Also very unique to this platform is that the ads are shown not only during the splash screens but are part of the game and work like product placement. This delivers better brand recall and interactivity with the consumers." When it comes to games, Fugumobile's got some pretty crazy title names, too. Terrorlympics 2? Marijuana Bush? Bose explains: "Whoever sees these titles, they always react - calling them the craziest and wackiest titles they have ever seen. We are committed to bring in an offbeat alternate genre of games for the MTV generation of youth. These are going to be very high on humor and on topical themes. For example, apart from the Marijuana Bush, Terrorlympics titles, we have titles like Chicken Lethal (based on bird flu outbreak) and Delivery Doc (based on celebrities like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Britney Spears having babies)." You can now read the full interview at Games On Deck, which includes Bose's views on mobile advertising, the Chinese and Indian markets, and the future of Fugomobile.

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