GestureTek Announces Momo Motion Recognition SDK

GestureTek has announced a new software development kit for gesture recognition, facial recognition and motion control called Momo, that works with a standard webcam.
Camera technology company GestureTek has announced a new software development kit for gesture recognition and motion control, called Momo. The company says its software needs only a standard webcam to work, and requires no special hardware to recognize motion and faces. It's billing Momo as a way for developers to bring gesture-based interactivity to PCs, laptops, phones, toys and other devices. The SDK defines interfaces for two trackers: A Motion tracker, which reports regions where movement occurs, and a Mosaic tracker, which focuses on a single object in the camera's vision. GestureTek's tech has previously been used for the Xbox 360's Vision camera and Sony's EyeToy, and the company's strategic marketing VP Sanjeev Sharma calls the new SDK accessibility "a huge coup for game developers." "They now have the ability to develop gesture control games and applications for multiple platforms, making it more attractive from a business perspective to take the plunge into this exciting technology," says Sharma.

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