GCG Feature: 'Wrap-Up: GAMES:EDU 07'

In a new feature for Gamasutra sister website Game Career Guide, the recently held UK-based GAMES:EDU 07 event is dissected in
In a new feature for Gamasutra sister website Game Career Guide, the U.K.-based GAMES:EDU 07 event is dissected in detail, including comments on lectures from Microsoft, EA, and Epic notables. The event, which was attached to the recent Develop 07 conference in Brighton, is summarized by U.K. correspondents David Hayward and Toby Barnes, and it has explained of the first day's program: "Core development skills were heavily stressed throughout the industry input to the event. Chris Wells, senior artist from Epic Games, began the program with a highly technical talk about character design and production techniques, which amply illustrated just how high the bar has risen in terms of the skills required to craft modern art assets. Chris Satchell (pictured) followed up to stress the importance of subjects such as math and computer science, but also cited computer science admission rates falling by 40 percent each year. 'Curricula need to be made more interesting,' as even passionately motivated students can be turned off by dull ways of teaching. He promoted the XNA framework as a way to teach aspects of computer science through practical yet engaging exercises." In addition, a relatively forthright talk from Electronic Arts recruitment exec Matthew Jeffery explained the state of hiring in the U.K. for video game professionals: "'There is no U.K. talent crisis,' said Matthew Jeffrey, head of European studio recruitment for EA. Far from the pessimism spoken by some, he cited a talent boom. However, the U.K. potentially faces a recruitment crisis, with other countries offering a more commercially advantageous climate for game development. Graduates must be treated as a valuable resource; regarding them as lower-wage labor would be the surest way to reinforce any recruitment difficulties." You can now read the full Game Career Guide feature on the subject, including much more on the agenda, tone, and ramifications for this second iteration of the U.K. educational game event.

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