E3's Into the Pixel Competition Artists Selected

The organizers of the 2006 Into the Pixel Art Exhibition (ITP), which will take place May 10-12 in the Concourse Foyer of the Los Angeles Convention Center during the E3 ...
The organizers of the 2006 Into the Pixel Art Exhibition (ITP), which will take place May 10-12 in the Concourse Foyer of the Los Angeles Convention Center during the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, have announced 16 works of art from video games selected for exhibition. "The Academy is thrilled to provide a platform that demonstrates its members talents, and the artistry that is now a driving force behind today's compelling interactive experiences," said Joseph Olin, president, The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. "There could be no better venue to celebrate these great works than E3Expo." The selected works include 10TACLE Studios' Radoslav Javor for Aegan Landfall from Elveon / An Elvish, Big Huge Games' Dylan Cole Alin Glass from Rise of Legends, Midway's Stephan Martiniere for Chicago Train Graveyard from Stranglehold, Ubisoft's Nicolas Bouvier and Patrick Desgreniers for Damascus Souk from Project Assassin, FreeStyleGames' Brian Dugan for Darkness from B-Boy, and Lexis Numerique's Gérald Obringer and Pierre Guillaume Baret for Eyes from Evidence - The Last Ritual. Arenanet's Daniel Dociu has two pieces in the show, Floating Mosque and Rooftops, both from Guildwars. Other works of art to be displayed include Konami's Yuji Shinkawa for In the Garden of Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3:Subsistence, Buena Vista Games' Daryl Mandryk for Into the Fray from Turok, THQ's Donald Caron for Monster House Toy Room from Monster House, Electronic Arts' Tyler West for Rooftop from The Godfather The Game, and Bizarre Creations' Chris Davie and PGR3 Art Team for Screen_000027 from Project Gotham Racing 3. Finally, the remaining selections include CD Projekt RED's Damian Bajowski for The Road from The Witcher, Human Head Studios' Ashley Welch for The Sphere from Prey, and Sony Computer Entertainment America's Eduardo Gonzalez for Titan's Head from God of War. All 16 works of art that make up the ITP Collection are printed by a master printer, then framed and hung in the ITP Gallery at E3. This year’s Gallery opening is sponsored by GameTap. As with previous years, the ITP exhibit has been juried by interactive entertainment industry veterans and experts from the art establishment, and is being produced by the E3 Expo in association with The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Prints & Drawings Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (PDC-LACMA).

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