Designer Toymaker Shawnimals Bringing Ninjatown To DS

SouthPeak Games has announced Ninjatown, an action-strategy DS title based on former EGM editor Shawn Smith's Shawnimals line of designer plush toys, to be developed by mobile studio Venan Entertainment (High Seas: Guns & Gold) for a Fall 20
SouthPeak Games has announced a new action-strategy title, Ninjatown, to be developed by mobile studios Venan Entertainment (High Seas: Guns & Gold) and Cashmere Productions (Freestyle MINI) and slated for a Fall 2008 release on the Nintendo DS. In the game, cute miniature ninjas, strategically placed using the DS stylus, fend off Mr. Demon's enemy hordes with oddball attacks like "Mighty Wind of Stealth Dropping" and "Stealth Hugs". The character designs are based on the Shawnimals designer toy line. “We are excited to bring the designer toy scene into the world of video games,” said Melanie Mroz, Executive VP of Southpeak. “The cultures of both are already heavily intertwined, and we felt the style of Ninjatown and its fanbase made it a perfect fit for the DS.” “I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to make a game based on Ninjatown, because all of my creations are heavily influenced by my life playing and working in games,” said Shawn Smith, Shawnimals creator and former editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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