Brash Entertainment Closes $400m Funding Deal

Officials from newly formed Brash Entertainment have announced a $400m funding deal from equity investors, with claims of more than 40 licenses already secured and 12 titles already in production, including a number based on horror movie franchise “Saw”.
Officials from the newly formed Brash Entertainment have announced that the company has received a total of $400 million in funding from a group of equity investors lead by ABRY Partners and also including New York Life Capital Partners, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance and PPM America Private Equity Fund. The company was first reported in March, promising a new business model which would improve the synergy between video games and Hollywood. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Atlanta, the company plans to produce primarily licensed video game products from movie releases, television and music properties. Initial reports suggested that the company was near to completing a $150 million round of founding, although the company subsequently indicated that the final figure would be “significantly larger” than this – as has proven to be the case. Brash was co-founded by Mitch Davis and Nicholas Longano, both veterans of in-game advertising company Massive Incorporated, as well as 300 executive producer Thomas Tull and media and technology industry entrepreneur Bert Ellis. Other company executives include former Activision CFO Bill Chardavoyne, ex-Ubisoft sales and marketing veteran Yasmin Naboa, chief creative officer Larry Shapiro, law specialist Patrick Sweeney and industry veteran Tiffany Spencer as vice president, communications. The company claims to have already secured the use of more than forty licenses, through partnerships with five major film studios, with twelve titles currently in production. The only license to be confirmed though is horror franchise Saw from Lions Gate, from which multiple games are promised. Other titles hinted at include upcoming children’s animated films and “action-packed thrillers”. As previously suggested the majority of all development will be conducted by external teams, overseen by Brash’s internal producers. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group will act as the company’s distribution arm. Although none are named, Brash’s cadre of producers include those with experience of titles including God of War, F.E.A.R. , Mercenaries, Silent Hill, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Star Wars: Battlefront, Tony Hawk’s Underground, Justice League Heroes, Medal of Honor, The Incredibles, SOCOM II, Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo 4 and Spider-Man 2. "Brash is founded on the simple premise that top Hollywood creativity plus top game talent should equal great games," said co-founder, chairman, and CEO Mitch Davis. "We are laser focused on delivering high-quality games. The other aspects of our business are left to the experts - best of breed partners we've tapped for their specific expertise."

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